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Season Episodes Originally aired USA
First aired Last aired
1 31 February 16, 2002 September 25, 2004
2 34 September 14, 2002 May 15, 2004

Episodes American Broadcasting Company February 16, 2002 and September 25, 2004

Season 1 (2001 2002) American Broadcasting Company February 16, 2002 and September 25, 2004

Episodes in USA Episodes American Broadcasting Company Title  Directed by Written by Original air date


111 111 "Misadventures in Babysitting"

"Misadventures of Babysitting"

Mark Rosman David Blum & Stacy Kramer August 10, 2002 111
Lizzie tries to prove to her parents that she is responsible enough to babysit Matt.
108 108 "Election" Brian K. Roberts Melissa Gould July 6, 2002 108
When students have to choose between Larry Tudgeman and Claire Miller for class president, Lizzie decides to run for office. However, she finds that gaining the favor of all her classmates won't be easy. Matt gets an imaginary friend named Jasper and it turns out to be a scam to get his parents to give him stuff. Jo and Sam use this to punish Matt after they hear his phone call with Oscar.
105 105 "I Do, I Don't" Steve De Jarnatt Nina G. Bargiel & Jeremy J. Bargiel March 16, 2002 105
Lizzie's social studies class is paired off for a class assignment, where they have to pretend to be married and return for a school reunion. Lizzie, a little upset that Miranda got Ethan instead of her, neglects Gordo as her husband.
107 107 "Bad Girl McGuire" Anson Williams Melissa Gould June 8, 2002 107
Lizzie becomes friends with a bad girl and develops bad habits and a bad personality. Miranda and Gordo are concerned with this and decide to help Lizzie become her old self. Matt is given the freedom to stay up late at night, but after initial euphoria, he starts having problems with staying awake during the daytime. Miranda and Gordo create a short video to convince Lizzie to be good again.
135 135 "Between a Rock and a Bra Place" Mark Rosman Nina G. Bargiel & Jeremy J. Bargiel September 25, 2004 135
Lizzie and Miranda go shopping for their first bras with Lizzie's mom embarrassing them along the way. Meanwhile, Matt asks for Gordo's help to direct a martial arts film to enter in a contest. Special Guest Star David Carradine appears as himself.

Note: Carradine is the brother of Robert Carradine, who plays Mr. McGuire.

Series Finale

109 109 "Random Acts of Miranda" Steve De Jarnatt Douglas Tuber & Tim Maile July 13, 2002 109
Lizzie gives Miranda a bad review when she plays the lead role in the school play. Miranda soon realizes that singing is her main talent, rather than acting. Matt and Lanny want a pair of walkie-talkies, but Matt's parents refuse to pay for it. So Matt sells everything he owns, including his bed and clothes, to get the money.
101 101 "Educating Ethan" Mark Rosman Nina G. Bargiel & Jeremy J. Bargiel February 16, 2002 101
Gordo becomes Ethan's math tutor because he needs the money to buy a new stereo. However, once Lizzie shows Ethan an easier way to do math, he decides he wants Lizzie as his tutor, and not Gordo. Meanwhile at home, Matt and his friend Oscar try to emulate superheroes by trying to help people. However, their noble intentions are not well received by people around them as they unknowingly cause harm to them.

Series Premiere

110 110 "Lizzie Strikes Out" Ellen Falcon Gittelsohn Melissa Gould July 20, 2002 110
Ethan invites Lizzie, Gordo, and Miranda for bowling, while on the same day Lizzie's dad wants to spend some quality father-daughter time with her. Meanwhile, Matt and Lanny plan on what they can do to stop the bully, Heywood Biggs, from ripping on them.
112 112 "The Untitled Stan Jansen Project" Anson Williams Nina G. Bargiel & Jeremy J. Bargiel August 17, 2002 112
A big-time movie director offers to follow Gordo around to see a day in the life of a regular kid. Gordo starts saying rude things to the camera, though, and even coaxes Lizzie and Miranda to tell each other's secrets in front of the camera during which it is revealed that Lizzie had a crush on Gordo in the 4th grade. Meanwhile, Matt gets blamed for all the troubles created by Melina and he admires her qualities as a troublemaker.
104 104 "Scarlett Larry" Steve De Jarnatt Amy Engelberg & Wendy Engelberg March 9, 2002 104
Lizzie discovers that Larry Tudgeman has a crush on her and when he asks her out, she reluctantly agrees to go out with him. Surprisingly, Lizzie enjoys the date, but eventually in the end, they part ways. Meanwhile, while cleaning up some junk, Matt and Sam find an old Soap-Box Derby racer and decide to restore it.
106 106 "Gordo and the Dwarves"

"Gordo and the Magic Dwarves"

Savage Steve Holland Douglas Tuber & Tim Maile March 23, 2002 106
Gordo becomes obsessed with a Dungeons & Dragons-type board game which was gifted to Lizzie by her grandmother. His obsession causes his grades to drop. Lizzie and Miranda enlist Matt's help to bring Gordo back to his senses. Meanwhile, Matt has to observe wildlife for a school project, but eventually, Sam and Miranda's father end up climbing a tree and watching a bird's nest.
103 103 "Lizzie and Kate's Excellent Adventure" Savage Steve Holland Nina G. Bargiel & Jeremy J. Bargiel March 2, 2002 103
After being absent from school, Lizzie finds out that her project partner is none other than Kate Sanders, who was also absent on the same day. After their initial hostility, they both start getting along together. After the project is over, they both take potshots at each other but not before sharing a secret smile and realizing that they still have a bond between them. Meanwhile, Matt is convinced that he has psychic powers and has a hard time convincing his mother about it.
102 102 "Gordo's Bar Mitzvah" Anson Williams Melissa Gould February 23, 2002 102
Gordo feels self conscious when he sees Ethan Craft and Larry Tudgeman growing up sooner than he is. He tries to be "manly" by trying to do manly things, but in the end he decides to have a bar mitzvah which would initiate him into adult life. Meanwhile, Jo becomes fed up with her husband not taking things seriously when Matt misbehaves and goes on strike, forcing Sam to deal with their son's behavior.

Season 2 (2002 2004) American Broadcasting Company September 14, 2002 and May 15, 2004

Episodes in USA Episodes American Broadcasting Company Title  Directed by Written by Original air date


123 123 "El Oro De Montezuma" Savage Steve Holland Douglas Tuber & Tim Maile September 20, 2003 123
Lizzie, Miranda and Gordo are obsessed with a Mexican game show, "El Oro de Montezuma" ("The Gold of Montezuma"). Miranda's cousin Carlos from Mexico City is scheduled to compete on the show and Lizzie and her friends decide to be in his team. Meanwhile, Matt and Lanny play an extreme version of Hide and Seek.
113 113 "Mom's Best Friend" Steve De Jarnatt Douglas Tuber & Tim Maile September 14, 2002 113
Lizzie and her mom become best friends after reading a book in social studies. She even convinces Gordo and Miranda to bond well with their parents. But in the end, Lizzie realizes that it would take some time to be more intimate with her mom. Meanwhile, Matt and Lanny find a chimp which creates havoc in the house, for which they both are blamed.

Season Premiere

117 117 "The Rise and Fall of the Kate Empire" Anson Williams Nina G. Bargiel & Jeremy J. Bargiel October 12, 2002 117
When Kate dislocates her shoulder during cheerleading practice, Claire usurps Kate's position as captain. Lizzie helps Kate regain her popularity and a place in the cheerleading squad. Matt is excited to be in a school play and acts arrogant about it. He starts bossing his parents and Lanny around, but in the end he loses his voice and learns a lesson in humility.
114 114 "Working Girl" Anson Williams Nina G. Bargiel & Jeremy J. Bargiel September 21, 2002 114
Miffed with her parents for not raising her allowance, Lizzie gets her first job as a busboy at the Digital Bean. But to Lizzie's surprise, it is a lot worse than she ever suspected it would be. Matt has some problems with Melina and turns to Miranda for advice. In the process, he develops a huge crush on Miranda, much to her horror and Gordo's amusement.
121 121 "The Longest Yard" Steve De Jarnatt Nina G. Bargiel & Jeremy J. Bargiel February 15, 2003 121
Lizzie baby-sits Matt once again, with Matt deflating their father's prized autographed football. They work all day to get it back.
118 118 "Just Friends" Mark Rosman Douglas Tuber & Tim Maile October 19, 2002 118
Gordo encourages Lizzie to finally do something about her crush on Ethan Craft -- that is, ask him to the Sadie Hawkins Day dance. When Lizzie asks Ethan for the dance, he disappoints her by saying he likes her as a 'friend', and does not want to risk changing it by going out with her. Lizzie then tries to change her image in order to please Ethan, but he still lets her down by saying they don't have a lot of chemistry. Matt and Lanny open a club in their backyard and their beverage becomes quite popular. But in the end, they are forced to shut it down.
119 119 "In Miranda Lizzie Does Not Trust" Alan Cohn Douglas Tuber & Tim Maile January 18, 2003 119
Lizzie has a hard time standing up for Miranda when she is accused of shoplifting. This creates a rift between both of them, causing them to choose different dance partners in their dancing class in P.E. However, in the end both realize their mistake and become friends again. Meanwhile, Matt hosts a talk show along with Lanny on the internet.
116 116 "Over the Hill" Savage Steve Holland Alison Taylor October 5, 2002 116
Lizzie starts feeling inferior when she realizes a lot of the other kids around her have special talents and skills that they've developed, including Gordo with his film making and Miranda with her violin. Meanwhile, Matt is scared after watching a horror movie and is convinced that their house is haunted.
120 120 "Best Dressed for Less"

"Best Dressed for Much Less"

Tim O'Donnell Bob Thomas January 25, 2003 120
Lizzie wants to be voted "best dressed" in her school and wants to buy an expensive pair of jeans. But her Mom refuses and insists on buying her clothes at discount store. Meanwhile, Matt has problems adjusting with his newly acquired fame because of his participation on The Uncle Wendel Show.
115 115 "You're a Good Man, Lizzie McGuire" Peter Montgomery Alison Taylor September 28, 2002 115
While Lizzie and Kate are stuck working together for the Spring Fling committee, Lizzie sees Kate knock over the bust of the school's founding principal. When Principal Tweedy (Phill Lewis) discovers this, he cancels the Spring Fling unless the person responsible comes forward. Kate keeps quiet so Lizzie decides to take the blame and is excluded from attending the fling. Lizzie is sitting at home sad, until everyone at school comes over to her house, as they decided to have the fling at her place, while Kate is left all alone at school. Meanwhile, Matt and Lanny have a hard time sharing a bike.
129 129 "Just Like Lizzie" Anson Williams Melissa Gould November 15, 2003 129
Lizzie begins mentoring a seventh-grader girl named Andie (Amy Castle), who begins to mimic her characteristics and behave like Lizzie. Initially flattered, Lizzie starts to dislike Andie and advises her to stop aping her blindly and be herself. Finally, Andie ends up being Kate's protege. Meanwhile, Matt must earn a merit patch with his Wilderness Cadets group, or he would be demoted. Sam tries to help, but ends up harming himself.
124 124 "Inner Beauty" Mark Rosman Melissa Gould September 27, 2003 124
Miranda has a misconceived notion that she is fat and begins to skip meals to look slim for a music video directed by Gordo. Miranda begins to develop an eating disorder and Lizzie and Gordo are concerned about it. However, in the end Lizzie convinces Miranda to be comfortable with her body and persuades her to stop dieting. Meanwhile, Matt shows a great artistic potential and his parents encourage him to pursue it. However, he gets into trouble when he trashes their house and uses their family car as canvas for his paintings.
125 125 "Party Over Here" Savage Steve Holland Alison Taylor October 4, 2003 125
Kate is having a big birthday party and she invites everyone from her class including Lizzie, Miranda and Gordo. But Lizzie and Miranda's parents refuse to let them go to the party as there would be no adults around (and Kate's cousin Amy (Haylie Duff) doesn't make good chaperone material). So, Lizzie, Miranda and Gordo lie at their homes and go to the party anyway. But the party goes horribly wrong and Lizzie calls her mother for help. Eventually, all three are grounded for lying and going to the party anyway. Meanwhile, Matt and Sam are selected to star in a commercial for Cardio Punch Sports Drink.
126 126 "She Said, He Said, She Said" Brian K. Roberts Melissa Gould October 11, 2003 126
A major food fight erupts in the cafeteria, and Lizzie, Kate and Larry stay after school to clean up the mess until someone confesses up to starting the fight. Matt and Lanny miss their bus while on a school field trip and end up wandering in the city all by themselves.
131 131 "Xtreme Xmas" Savage Steve Holland Douglas Tuber & Tim Maile December 6, 2003 131
Lizzie is determined to win the Best Float award at the Christmas parade with the help of Gordo and her family, but they're busy helping fix the plumbing at an old people's home.

Absent: Lalaine as Miranda Sanchez

127 127 "Bunkies" Anson Williams Bob Thomas October 18, 2003 127
All the kids at school are asked to put their hand prints on a wall, symbolizing unity. A water pipe bursts in a wall in Matt's room and to Lizzie's horror she'll have to share her room with her brother for a week until the repairs are done.
122 122 "A Gordo Story" Savage Steve Holland Nina G. Bargiel & Jeremy J. Bargiel April 5, 2003 122
Parker, a girl that Gordo likes, turns down his offer to go with him to the school dance because of his height. Matt has to write a school report on his ancestors but he makes his report sound quite 'interesting'.
132 132 "Grand Ole Grandma" Savage Steve Holland Melissa Gould May 1, 2004 132
Gordo's grandmother (Doris Roberts) now lives a more exciting lifestyle since the last time she and Gordo met. This irritates Gordo, but impresses Lizzie and Miranda. Meanwhile, Lizzie's parents feel ill and are confined to bed. Lizzie and Matt thus enjoy their unsupervised freedom at home.
128 128 "My Fair Larry" Mark Rosman Nina G. Bargiel & Jeremy J. Bargiel October 25, 2003 128
Miranda is throwing a big house party, and refuses to invite Larry. Lizzie feels bad about it and decides to give him a makeover and sneak him into the party. Meanwhile, Matt and Melina make friends with an elderly couple as a part of a school project and find that the old couple are just like them.
134 134 "The Gordo Shuffle" Steve De Jarnatt Melissa Gould May 15, 2004 134
Gordo receives a credit card by mail with a $5,000 line of credit and he uses it to direct a "big-budget" film. Matt is having problems finishing his school science project in time.

Absent: Lalaine as Miranda Sanchez

Season Finale

133 133 "My Dinner With Mr. Dig" Rusty Russ Melissa Gould May 8, 2004 133
Lizzie feels uneasy, when her dad becomes best friends with Mr. Dig. Meanwhile, Matt is having a hard time with his mean teacher Miss Chapman.
130 130 "One of the Guys" Steve De Jarnatt Nina G. Bargiel & Jeremy J. Bargiel November 22, 2003 130
After setting a new school record in gym and then beating Ethan Craft in arm-wrestling, Lizzie is invited to play touch football with the "cute guys". But Lizzie is worried when Ethan calls her a "dude", and she feels that she is losing her femininity by playing football. The gym teacher, Coach Kelly, reassures her, and also reveals that Ethan calls everybody a "dude". Unknown to Matt, Fredo the chimp completes his math homework, which gets him good grades in school and praise from his parents.