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Episodes American Broadcasting Company September 20, 2003 and May 6, 2006

Season 1 (2003 2004) American Broadcasting Company September 20, 2003 and May 21, 2005

Episodes in USA Episodes American Broadcasting Company Title Directed by Written by Storyboard by Original air date


Prod.code [citation needed]
101 101 "Richter" Victor A. Cook Thomas D. Hart Stark Howell and David Schwartz September 20, 2003 101
An earthquake rocks the island, prompting Pleakley to study earthquake safety. When it is discovered that the earthquakes were caused by an experiment, Lilo and Stitch must travel underground to catch it before it cracks the Earth in half (and before Gantu catches it).

Experiments mentioned: Richter (513) and Reuben (625). Series Premiere

102 102 "Phantasmo" Don MacKinnon Henry Gilroy Troy Adomitis, Wendy Grieb and Calvin Suggs September 27, 2003 102
Stitch wins an oyster containing a hidden experiment pod at a restaurant crane game. When the pod gets wet, however, the ghostly experiment possesses Scrump the doll and causes all sorts of mischief. When Stitch is blamed, he must prove himself innocent by catching the experiment in the act.

Experiment mentioned: Phantasmo (375). Absent: Hämsterviel, Gantu and 625

103 103 "Clip" Victor Cook Kevin D. Campbell David Schwartz and Stark Howell October 4, 2003 103
After causing chaos at a beauty salon, Lilo and Stitch meet the hair-eating experiment that made Jumba nearly bald. However, when they try to use it to get revenge on Mertle for her cruel words, the hairball gets loose and threatens to eat up all the hair on the island. Meanwhile, Jumba regrows an afro and Gantu gets stuck dancing at a luau. In the end, Clip becomes good and is repurposed to give people the perfect haircut. When Jumba gets his hair cut, he is given back his normal three hairs and realizes that's how he likes it.

Experiment mentioned: Clip (177). Absent: Nani and 625

104 104 "Mr. Stenchy" Victor A. Cook Madellaine Paxson Nathan Chew, Debra Pugh and David Smith October 11, 2003 104
Lilo rescues an irresistibly cute experiment. Jumba warns that the new experiment will release a terrible odor soon. However, Lilo is invited to Mertle’s FHGH (Future Hawaiian Girls of Hawaii) tea party if she brings the adorable experiment. Stitch is jealous of the attention received by the new experiment and allows Gantu to capture him. Gantu then develops an affection for the cute experiment, making 625 jealous. Lilo and Stitch rescue Mr. Stenchy as he begins to release the odor. Jumba puts Mr. Stenchy on a rocket and sends him to Pleakley's home planet where the odor is considered appealing.

Experiments mentioned: Mr. Stenchy (254) and Reuben (625).

119 119 "Spooky" Don MacKinnon Madellaine Paxson Edward Baker and Fred Gonzales October 30, 2004 119
Experiment 300 is discovered on Halloween, which can morph into a person's worst fear. It is revealed that Mertle and her friends' worst fear is seeing Lilo without her head, and Lilo has fears of clowns and an abandoned house. Stitch's worst fear is water, and Nani's worst fear is hearing Cobra Bubbles say that he has to take away Lilo. Jumba's worst fear is his ex-wife. Pleakley's worst fear is his mother.

Experiment mentioned: Spooky (300). Absent: Hämsterviel, Gantu and 625

105 105 "Holio" Don MacKinnon Jim Peronto Troy Adomitis and Wendy Grieb October 18, 2003 105
Mertle receives a charm bracelet for her birthday, but one of the charms is actually an experiment pod. Lilo and Stitch must try to retrieve it before she gets it wet, or else the universe will be sucked into a black hole. Meanwhile, Nani must prepare for a company inspection.

Experiments mentioned: Holio (606). Absent: Hämsterviel, Gantu and 625

107 107 "Yapper" Don MacKinnon Catherine Lieuwen Ed Baker and Fred Gonzales November 1, 2003 107
Mertle gets a pet dog, names her "Gigi" and enters her in a dog show in Honolulu, and Lilo enters Stitch in the same dog show in hopes of beating Mertle and winning her friendship. Meanwhile, Jumba and Pleakley go sightseeing around the city and run into Gantu.

Experiments mentioned: Gigi (007) and Reuben (625).

106 106 "Yin-Yang" Don MacKinnon Henry Gilroy Tina Kugler, Ken Laramy and Calvin Suggs October 25, 2003 106
Two experiments activate at the same time while Lilo and Stitch are arguing. Lilo and Stitch insist that they each can catch an experiment without the other. Meanwhile, Jumba and Pleakley make a bet to see whether Lilo or Stitch will capture an experiment first, and Gantu forces 625 to help him catch them both. The race is on because Jumba theorizes that if the two elementally opposing experiments touch each other, they will destroy Earth. Eventually, Lilo and Stitch team up together again and help each other capture the experiments each was after using the "tools" given to them by Jumba and Pleakley, who both lose their bet. Lilo repurposes the experiments to create a new island.

Experiments mentioned: Yin (501), Yang (502), and Reuben (625).

Absent: Nani and Hämsterviel Note: Episode title rendered as "Yinyang" on Disney+.

115 115 "Kixx" Victor A. Cook Catherine Lieuwen Tom Bernardo, David Bullock and Brad Vandergrift September 25, 2004 115
An experiment causes trouble by bullying people around the island, and a chemical reaction from a bad snack combination results in Stitch losing his ability to fight. Lilo must retrain him so that he can defeat Kixx before Gantu does.

Experiments mentioned: Kixx (601) and Reuben (625). Absent: Nani and Hämsterviel

117 117 "Splodyhead" Victor Cook Henry Gilroy Debra Pugh and Tom Bernardo

Nathan Chew (additional)

October 9, 2004 117
In order to catch an experiment, Lilo, Stitch, Jumba, Pleakley, Gantu, and 625 travel to the island of Niʻihau. After becoming stranded on the beach under the threat of being blasted by Splodyhead, the two opposing teams become one "tribe" and are forced to work together to survive. This initially doesn't go well as Gantu and Stitch both want to be the leader until 625 nominates Lilo. Under Lilo's leadership, the group manages to disable Splodyhead's powers, causing him to flee, but he's captured when Gantu and Stitch team up together against him. Gantu gets the experiment, but when David and Nani show up to rescue Lilo, Stitch, Jumba and Pleakley, they only agree to help him and 625 back to shore if he gives them the experiment, which he reluctantly does.

Experiments mentioned: Splodyhead (619) and Reuben (625). Absent: Hämsterviel

108 108 "Amnesio" Don MacKinnon Catherine Lieuwen Ken Laramy and Kyle Menke

Wendy Grieb (additional)

November 8, 2003 108
It is Lilo's birthday, but no one seems to remember. While they hand out invitations for their own party, they encounter an experiment that gives people amnesia and causes them to lose their memories of each other. Now thinking that her name is Martha, Stitch is an escaped convict, and Gantu is her partner cop named Lenny, Lilo teams up with him to hunt down Stitch and find clues to their lost memories.

Experiments mentioned: Gigi (007), Nosox (204), Poxy (222), Amnesio (303), Nodessertro (340), Sprout (509), and Kixx (601) Absent: 625

127 127 "Swirly" Victor Cook Brian Swenlin Stark Howell and Dave Schwartz May 14, 2005 127
A popular television show comes to Hawaii as a hypnotizing experiment is activated. Lilo dislikes the show, but under the experiment’s spell, she is instructed to be more like Mertle, who happens to love the show. Stitch is also hypnotized and wants to be on the show. Hamsterviel orders Gantu to go on the show and use the experiment to hypnotize the audience, bringing them under Hamsterviel's power. Lilo and Stitch rescue Swirly just in time and leave Gantu stranded in front of a live audience.

Experiments mentioned: Swirly (383), Cannonball (520), and Reuben (625).

116 116 "Fibber" Don MacKinnon Catherine Lieuwen Kyle Menke, Ken Laramy and Tina Kugler October 2, 2004 116
Pleakley's mother calls to inform him of his arranged marriage, so he lies that he is engaged to an Earth girl. When his family comes for the wedding, though, Pleakley must pretend that Nani is his fiancée. Eventually, the truth is exposed and Pleakley's family accepts him for who he is while revealing that while all are successful, they are actually envious of him. This episode is notable in that Kevin McDonald (voice of Pleakley) is joined by his former Kids in the Hall castmates: Dave Foley, Bruce McCulloch, Mark McKinney and Scott Thompson.

Note: Fibber is the experiment that always beeps when a person makes a lie. Pleakley's full name is Wendy Pleakley. Fibber is abandoned by Lilo and Stitch, who let Gantu take him. In the episode "Snafu", they manage to rescue him. Experiments mentioned: Fibber (032), Poxy (222), Sprout (509), Kixx (601), and Reuben (625).

109 109 "Tank" Victor Cook Madellaine Paxson Stark Howell and David Schwartz November 15, 2003 109
Lilo wins tickets to the Elizabethan Fair and invites the hula girls to join her. Mertle refuses to go because she does not want to be with Lilo, and Stitch is not allowed inside because no dogs are admitted. They team up to catch a metal-eating experiment. Eventually, Gantu is allowed to capture the experiment to save Mertle and Stitch. The hula girls take Mertle back, and Lilo apologizes to Stitch for neglecting him.

Experiments mentioned: Tank (586) and Reuben (625).

Absent: Nani and Hämsterviel Notes: Special guest appearance by "Weird Al" Yankovic, who voices a singing minstrel.

120 120 "Sprout" Victor Cook Madellaine Paxson David Bullock and Tom Bernardo

Nathan Chew and Mark Koetsier (additionals)

January 22, 2005 120
Lilo makes a bet with Mertle to win the orchid competition at the Kokaua Town fair and steals a dangerous plant experiment against Jumba's warnings, while Pleakley grows a giant "Pinormous" pineapple, and Stitch practices being a cowboy for the rodeo. However, when the experiment gets loose and spreads its roots all over the fairgrounds, Stitch must defeat it cowboy-style.

Experiment mentioned: Sprout (509). Absent: Hämsterviel, Gantu and 625

110 110 "Elastico" Victor Cook Cate Lieuwen Nathan Chew and Christian Roman November 22, 2003 110
Lilo ignores Stitch while working on a new hula dance. Stitch finds a cousin performing as a circus entertainer and when he attempts to capture Elastico, he is adopted as a circus performer himself. Gantu captures but cannot hold Elastico, who returns to the circus. Lilo realizes that Stitch has left and convinces him to stay in Hawaii and not travel with his new circus family.

Experiments mentioned: Topper (025), Clip (177), Sparky (221), Elastico (345), Yin (501), Yang (502), Richter (513), Cannonball (520), Slushy (523), Kixx (601), Yaarp (613), and Reuben (625).

126 126 "Yaarp" Victor Cook John Wray Nathan Chew, Debra Pugh and Roy Smith May 7, 2005 126
Lilo's idea for an alien invasion alarm to improve the hula school is rejected, so she tries to write a letter to the mayor about it. Meanwhile, a loud experiment causes Stitch to temporarily lose his hearing, so earless Pleakley is given the job of capturing the experiment himself. While Pleakley is off looking for Yaarp, Gantu captures Stitch and will not let him free without a trade.

Experiment mentioned: Yaarp (613). Absent: Nani, Hämsterviel and 625

111 111 "627" Don MacKinnon Henry Gilroy Wendy Grieb and Troy Adomitis November 29, 2003 111
Stitch becomes egotistical after beating his experiment catching record, so Jumba decides to put him in his place by activating his brand new experiment, 627. Being more powerful than 626 with none of his weaknesses, Stitch may meet his match when 627 escapes Jumba's custody and falls into the hands of Gantu. 627 works for Gantu capturing experiments and proves unbeatable until 625, jealous of the attention 627 gets, calls Lilo and reveals that 627's weakness is laughter. Lilo and Stitch use this to defeat 627, and as it is impossible to turn him good, they use a dehydrator to turn him back into a pod, but Jumba is shown to have an Experiment 628 whose pod he stores on his ship.

Experiments mentioned: Slimy (390), Deforestator (515), Eva (567), Zap (603), Launch (607), Reuben (625), 627, and 628. Absent: Nani

114 114 "The Asteroid" Victor Cook Laura McCreary Nathan Chew, Adam Vanwyk and Phil Weinstein February 21, 2004 114
Lilo and Stitch visit a planetarium and overhear Cobra Bubbles's warning of an asteroid set to impact Earth. With no one believing them or bothering to seek shelter, Stitch formulates a plan to go into outer space and destroy it to save the planet. However, when they discover that the asteroid itself is home to an alien, Lilo and Stitch must decide which home they must sacrifice for the sake of the other. In the end, the group uses Jumba's ship's hyperdrive to safely push the asteroid away from Earth without destroying it, but leaving Jumba and Pleakley permanently stranded on Earth. No new experiments appear in this episode.

Experiments mentioned: Hammerface (033), Sparky (221), Spooky (300), Swirly (383), Richter (513), Digger (529), and Kixx (601). Absent: Hämsterviel, Gantu and 625

112 112 "Topper" Don MacKinnon Thomas D. Hart Fred Gonzales and Ed Baker December 6, 2003 112
It is Christmas Eve, and Lilo is trying to teach Stitch how Hawaiians celebrate Christmas. However, when Gantu has an experiment pod giftwrapped for Dr. Hämsterviel, everyone mistakes Stitch's hunt for the box as a selfish attempt to hoard presents for himself.

Experiments mentioned: Topper (025) and Reuben (625). Absent: Hämsterviel

113 113 "Melty" Don MacKinnon Madellaine Paxson Debra Pugh, Wendy Grieb and Troy Adomitis

Zac Moncrief and Ken Laramy (additionals)

December 13, 2003 113
While trying to catch a fire-breathing experiment, Lilo falls into a puddle of mud in front of Keoni. To erase her embarrassment, she tries to use Jumba's time-traveling invention. Each time she tries to change the past, it creates a progressively worse future. Finally, Lilo realizes that she must live events as they were meant to occur and repeats her embarrassing fall. However, Keoni later shows up to cheer her up.

Experiments mentioned: Melty (228) and Reuben (625). Absent: Hämsterviel

123 123 "Finder" Don MacKinnon Madellaine Paxson Ken Laramy and Tina Kugler February 19, 2005 123
Stitch becomes jealous of a new experiment when Lilo takes him to show-and-tell instead of Stitch. Meanwhile, Dr. Hämsterviel escapes from prison and travels to Earth, where he is "adopted" by Mertle. While the Grand Councilwoman offers to reinstate Gantu's position for the capture of Dr. Hämsterviel, Stitch strives to upstage Finder by finding him first. Mertle is captured by Gantu by accident and Stitch and Finder team up to rescue her, with Finder flying Stitch to Gantu's ship. Stitch disables Gantu's ship again and Mertle is rescued, while the Grand Councilwoman takes Hämsterviel into custody but doesn't reinstate Gantu due to his kidnapping Mertle. Finder is put to work running a Lost and Found at the beach.

Experiments mentioned: Finder (158) Yin (501), Yang (502), Richter (513), Cannonball (520), and Reuben (625).

121 121 "Dupe" Victor Cook Madellaine Paxson Christian Roman and Nathan Chew February 5, 2005 121
Lilo hosts a slumber party, but none of her classmates from hula school come. When she finds an experiment that creates duplicates, she tries to duplicate herself so that she can have friends. Stitch saves her, but is duplicated. Stitch is weakened by the duplication when his strength is divided among all the duplicates. Gantu is able to use several experiments to capture Stitch. Lilo tricks Gantu into using Dupe to turn his few experiments into an army and then combines the Stitches back into one full-strength Stitch.

Experiments mentioned: Hammerface (033), Dupe (344), Yin (501), Yang (502), Richter (513), Cannonball (520), Thresher (544), Heat (609), Plasmoid (617), and Reuben (625). Absent: Nani and Hämsterviel

125 125 "Angel" Don MacKinnon Cate Lieuwen Ken Laramy and Kyle Menke April 30, 2005 125
The search for the next experiment stops when Stitch falls in love with a female experiment, but Lilo is suspicious of her. When she looks up Angel in Jumba's computer, she discovers that the experiment turns good experiments back to evil by singing her siren song. Angel, who is actually working for Gantu and Hämsterviel, sings to Jumba and other experiments to turn them evil again. Stitch, who is immune to her song, tries to win her heart, but gets tricked by her and trapped in a rocket hidden under Mount Waialeale with Gantu, 625, and all the experiments Angel converted to evil inside. Lilo plays a recording of Angel's song backwards to turn Jumba back to good, but they fail to reach Stitch before the rocket blasts off. However, Angel regrets her betrayal towards Stitch, turns all of the experiments she converted back to good, and Stitch and the re-converted experiments bring the rocket back down, although Gantu captures and takes away Angel in retaliation for her betrayal towards him. Lilo promises Stitch that they will rescue her one day.

Experiments mentioned: Kernel (014), Sparky (221), Yin (501), Yang (502), Richter (513), Cannonball (520), Slushy (523), Kixx (601), Angel (624), and Reuben (625). Absent: Nani

122 122 "Hunkahunka" Don MacKinnon Chad F. Rogers Ed Baker and Fred Gonzales February 12, 2005 122
It is Valentine's Day, and Lilo uses an experiment that makes people fall in love to make Keoni fall in love with her. Stitch must catch the experiment before Gantu does.

Experiments mentioned: Hunkahunka (323). Absent: 625

124 124 "Baby-Fier" Victor Cook Cate Lieuwen & Kevin D. Campbell Stark Howell and David Schwartz

Craig Kemplin (additional)

February 26, 2005 124
An experiment that turns people into babies activates and turns Stitch, Nani, Jumba, Pleakley and Gantu into babies. Baby Stitch and Baby Gantu battle for the experiment, while Lilo and Baby Jumba (who still possesses the intellect of adult Jumba) have to mix an antidote for the age regression requiring adult coffee in the mix. In the end, Stitch gets it and everything goes back to normal.

Experiments mentioned: Babyfier (151) and Reuben (625).

128 128 "Bonnie & Clyde" Don MacKinnon Henry Gilroy Chris Dent and Kyle Menke May 21, 2005 128
After being grounded for being rowdy, Lilo and Stitch sneak out of their room and meet a criminal experiment duo, who urges them to do whatever they want. After causing trouble around the island and realizing the consequences of their naughty behavior, though, Lilo and Stitch decide to capture the crooks to redeem themselves. They pretend that they are working with the two again, but once they are taken to their hideout, capture the two experiments who are then taken to their one true place: prison. Lilo and Stitch have to clean up the mess they made as repayment for their crimes. The experiments names are parodies of the bank robbing duo, Bonnie and Clyde.

Experiments mentioned: Bonnie (149), Clyde (150), and Reuben (625). Absent: Hämsterviel Season Finale

118 118 "Bad Stitch" Victor Cook Jan Strnad Tom Bernardo, John Dorman and Ken Boyer October 16, 2004 118
Nani has been receiving a lot of bills for Stitch's destruction, so she gets Lilo to try and train him to be more civilized (otherwise he would be thrown out of the ʻohana). When Lilo's attempts prove to be unsuccessful Stitch decides to leave and ends up being kidnapped by Dr. Hämsterviel, who plans to turn him evil again. Lilo, Jumba and Pleakley must now rescue him before it's too late. No new experiments appear in this episode.

Experiment mentioned: Reuben (625).

Season 2 (2004 2006) American Broadcasting Company September 17, 2005 and May 6, 2006

Episodes in USA Episodes American Broadcasting Company Title Directed by Written by Storyboard by Original air date


Prod.code [citation needed]
129 129 "Spike" Tony Craig John Wray Calvin Suggs, Dave Fulp and Tony Craig September 17, 2005 129
Lilo wants to beat Mertle at the "‘Ohana Rama" family trivia contest, but loses confidence when Stitch is poked by a porcupine-like experiment whose quills makes people 99% goofy and 1% clever. Meanwhile, Pleakley starts a therapy group named "E.A.R.W.A.X" to rehabilitate experiments.

Experiments mentioned: Fibber (032), Spot (099), Squeak (110), Bonnie (149), Clyde (150), Nosy (199), Spike (319), Slushy (523), Yaarp (613), and Splodyhead (619).

Absent: Nani, Hämsterviel, Gantu and 625 Note: Spot (099) was originally supposed to appear in this episode but was removed. Season Premiere

130 130 "Swapper" Victor Cook Madellaine Paxson Ken Boyer, David Smith and David Williams September 24, 2005 130
Lilo meets a new friend named Victoria who also joins Lilo's hula class. However, Mertle will stop at nothing to try and befriend her so that she will not be Lilo's friend. Lilo then attempts to prove that she's not weird by throwing a "Lilo's not weird" party. However, an experiment appears that switches people's minds, which results in Lilo and Stitch, Jumba and Pleakley switching bodies. From Stitch's body Lilo must make sure the party is successful, while Stitch has to pretend to be her. Eventually the experiment is defeated and Victoria reveals that she likes weird.

Experiments mentioned: Swapper (355) and Reuben (625). Absent: Nani

131 131 "Skip" Victor Cook John Wray Calvin Suggs, Lawrence Leker and Gary Perkovac October 1, 2005 131
Tired of childhood restrictions, Lilo uses an experiment that skips time ahead ten years in the future to turn herself into a teenager and then into an adult. However, while she and Stitch disappear for twenty years, Dr. Hämsterviel captures the experiments and takes over the world.

Experiments mentioned: Clink (086), Skip (089), Shoe (113), Clog (143), Finder (158), Cheney (205), Sparky (221), Connie (396), Brad (499), Strata (532), and Reuben (625).

132 132 "Checkers" Rob LaDuca Cate Liewen Broni Likomanov and Dave Fulp October 15, 2005 132
Lilo's hula halau is building a Merrie Monarch parade float, and Lilo is upset that the others do not like her ideas. However, when a crown-shaped experiment sits on her head, which she calls Checkers, its power causes everyone to treat her like a queen. After she sees the consequences of her rule and decides to step down, Gantu takes the experiment and makes himself king. However, Stitch gathers together the other experiments and stages a rebellion, deposing Gantu.

Experiments mentioned: Checkers (029), Backhoe (040), Clip (177), Sparky (221), Spooky (300), Elastico (345), Yin (501), Richter (513), Deforestator (515), Cannonball (520), Digger (529), Kixx (601), Holio (606), Splodyhead (619), and Reuben (625).

137 137 "PJ" Rob LaDuca Kevin D. Campbell Wendy Grieb, David Smith and David Williams March 4, 2006 137
When Lilo is blamed for pranking her strict substitute hula teacher, she decides to use a practical-jokester experiment to get revenge and impress Mertle. Stitch must stop them before the jokes go too far.

Experiments mentioned: Gigi (007), PJ (133), and Drowsy (360).

Absent: Nani, Hämsterviel, Gantu and 625 Note: Episode title rendered as "P.J." on Disney+.

138 138 "Ploot" Victor Cook Heather Lombard & Evan Gore Louie del Carmen, David Smith, Alex Mann,

Francis Glebas, Todd Britton and Troy Adomitis

March 25, 2006 138
Lilo tries to clean Pudge's grotto for Earth Day, but meets an experiment that eats trash and later redistributes it across the island as pollutant goo. When Stitch gets sick from eating trash, Lilo must find a way to stop Ploot by herself. Eventually Stitch is cured and thanks to Pleakley a way to defeat Ploot is found through a combination of air fresheners. With help from Stitch, Lilo defeats Ploot herself and he becomes good and sets to work at cleaning up trash and pollution rather than making it.

Experiments mentioned: Slick (020), Babyfier (151), Finder (158), Sparky (221), Drowsy (360), Ploot (505), Richter (513), Deforestator (515), Kixx (601), and Sinker (602). Absent: Hämsterviel, Gantu and 625

133 133 "Retro" Rob LaDuca John Behnke & Rob Humphrey, Story by Dana Landsberg Douglas McCarthy, Andrew Schuhler and Thomas Morgan October 29, 2005 133
Nani's middle school friends return to Kaua‘i and, thinking that Nani is vice president of the business she works for, invites her and her ʻohana on a yacht cruise. Meanwhile, Stitch encounters an experiment that reverts objects, animals, and even people to a primitive state.

Experiment mentioned: Retro (210). Absent: Hämsterviel, Gantu and 625

134 134 "Heckler" Victor Cook Laura McCreary David Schwartz and David Williams December 3, 2005 134
Nani is having trouble organizing a charity dinner, so Pleakley offers to help entertain by providing stand-up comedy. However, when an experiment designed to mock people appears and leads Lilo down the wrong path, she and Stitch have to stop him before his heckling ruins the event.

Experiments mentioned: Heckler (322) and Reuben (625). Guest Star: Will Sasso as Heckler.

135 135 "Wishy-Washy" Victor Cook Madellaine Paxson David Prince, Tom Bernardo and Nathan Chew December 17, 2005 135
It is nearly graduation for hula school, and everyone needs to have a picture with their parents, but Lilo does not have parents. Along comes Experiment 267, who is designed to make wishes, so Lilo decides to try to get Nani and David married.

Experiments mentioned: Wishy-Washy (267) and Reuben (625). Note: Episode title rendered as "Wishy Washy" on Disney+.

136 136 "Bugby" Victor Cook Thomas Hart Ken Boyer, David Smith, Nathan Chew and Sharon Forward January 21, 2006 136
Lilo builds a town called Bugapolis for her new friends in her bug collection, but Stitch keeps trying to eat the citizens. He loses his appetite, though, after Experiment 128 (Bugby) turns Lilo, Stitch, Jumba, and Pleakley into bugs. With the help of bugs named Chaps, Manny, and Sperk, they have to find a way to change themselves back soon because Nani has called an exterminator.

Experiment mentioned: Bugby (128). Absent: Hämsterviel, Gantu and 625

139 139 "Shush" Rob LaDuca Jim Peronto Tom Bernardo and Sahin Ersoz April 15, 2006 139
Experiment 234, designed to collect private enemy conversations through its tail, is accidentally activated by Lilo. When Lilo gets into trouble after Shush overhears part of a conversion and thinking that Mertle hates her friends, Mertle, out of anger, willingly helps catch experiments for Hämsterviel.

Experiments mentioned: Shush (234). Absent: 625

140 140 "Remmy" Victor Cook Jim Peronto David Prince and Calvin Suggs May 6, 2006 140
It is the anniversary of Lilo's parents' death, and Lilo takes a nap to deal with her sadness about losing her parents. However, when an experiment enters her dreams and tries to dissolve them into nightmares, Stitch, Jumba, and Pleakley go in after it to capture it before she wakes up. Meanwhile, Nani tries to find a way to make Lilo feel happy again.

Experiments mentioned: Felix (010) Slick (020), Hamlette (024), Fibber (032) Hammerface (033), Poki (036), Backhoe (040), Frenchfry (062), Squeak (110), Shoe (113), Sparky (221), Melty (228), Remmy (276), Dupe (344), Elastico (345), Drowsy (360), Yin (501), Yang (502), Deforestator (515), Cannonball (520), Slushy (523), Thresher (544), Houdini (604), Heat (609), Yaarp (613), Angel (624), Reuben (625), and 627. Absent: Hämsterviel, Gantu (dream only) and 625 (dream only) Series Finale