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Episodes American Broadcasting Company November 3, 2001 and June 15, 2002

Season 1 (2000 2001) American Broadcasting Company December 15, 2001 and June 8, 2002

Episodes in USA Episodes American Broadcasting Company Title Directed by Written by Original air date


102 102 "Strictly Ballroom" Matt Dearborn Matt Dearborn December 15, 2001 102
When Tawny goes to Zach's party, Louis has to go as well, but he does not know how to dance, so he seeks to learn how. Meanwhile, Ren decides to talk to her crush, Bobby Deaver, at the same party.
112 112 "Almost Perfect" Sean McNamara Tom Burkhard & Matt Dearborn June 8, 2002 112
Ren reflects on the fact that everyone expects her to be perfect when she gets a "C" in woodshop. Meanwhile, Louis gets assigned a janitor's closet as a temporary locker, which he decks out as his own retreat.

Season 2 (2001 2002) American Broadcasting Company November 3, 2001 and June 15, 2002

Episodes in USA Episodes American Broadcasting Company Title Directed by Written by Original air date


111 111 "Shutterbugged" Peter Baldwin Marc Warren May 18, 2002 111
After Principal Wexler refuses to let Ren retake her school picture, she decides to stand up to him with support from Eileen, who was a student activist in her youth. Louis's room turns into a disaster, and Donnie attempts to take him in.
104 104 "Quest for Coolness" Donna Pescow Dennis Rinsler January 5, 2002 104
To be cool, Louis and Twitty search for a pair of trendy sneakers, despite the fact that they're sold out everywhere in the city. Eventually, they confront a culprit seeking to take their money for the sneakers. Meanwhile, Ren must put together the school newspaper despite the fact that her staff is busy with Ruby's fashion show.
113 113 "Secret World of Girls" Fred Savage Tom Burkhard June 15, 2002 113
Ren hosts a slumber party, but Louis plans to sell tickets to watch the party in order to buy a suit of armor. Louis and Twitty soon realize a younger boy has been spying on them. They catch him and demand to know what he wants, but he admits that he's new to town and only wants to make friends. When they are on the verge of turning him away, Louis takes kindly to the boy's nerve, and nicknames him "Beans", ultimately sing him in his slumber party spying scheme.

Note: The first appearance of Beans.

103 103 "Devil Mountain" Matt Dearborn Matt Dearborn December 22, 2001 103
Two things keep thwarting Ren's effort to be with Bobby Deaver: Steve chaperoning a bird-watching school field trip to Devil Mountain, and an amorous student named Mandy "Always Gets Her Man" Sanchez who wants to make Bobby her next conquest. Meanwhile, Louis and Twitty get in a fight with Tom when his pizza oven breaks down.
108 108 "Easy Crier" Marc Warren Barbie Feldman March 2, 2002 108
Louis takes advantage of his friendship with a physically intimidating yet sensitive transfer student. Meanwhile, Ren and Nelson petition for the cancellation of dodgeball at gym.
109 109 "Sadie Hawkins Day" Gregory Hobson Sarah Jane Cunningham & Suzie Villandry March 9, 2002 109
A turnaround dance causes trouble for Ren and Louis as they attempt to get last-minute dates.
101 101 "Sibling Rivalry" KC Lynn De Stefano Sarah Jane Cunningham & Suzie Villandry

Story by : Marc Warren

November 3, 2001 101
Ren and Louis show their animosity on a local reality game show. Meanwhile, Donnie asks Nelson to help him talk to his French-speaking date Sandrine (Danica McKellar).

Note: This episode first aired on November 3, 2001 as a part of ABC's "One Saturday Morning" lineup, almost two weeks before its scheduled November 16 premiere on Disney Channel.

110 110 "Wombat Wuv" Donna Pescow Tom Burkhard March 16, 2002 110
Ren becomes a cheerleader and Louis becomes the school mascot to get closer to the beautiful new cheerleading coach.
106 106 "Uncle Chuck" Ken Ceizler Dennis Rinsler February 16, 2002 106
Uncle Chuck (Richard Kind) visits and gives Louis new ideas that get him into enormous trouble, while also butting heads with Steve. Meanwhile, Ren and Nelson's cooking class project turns out to be too big for them to handle while dealing with Ms. Lynch (Mindy Sterling), their very strict home economics teacher.
105 105 "The Thomas Gribalski Affair" Paul Hoen Scott Frazee & Brooke Kaiser February 2, 2002 105
Louis grows jealous when feels that Tom is replacing his role in the Stevens family. Meanwhile, Ren must demonstrate bicycle safety in a school program despite the fact that she never learned to ride a bike.
107 107 "Ren-Gate" Neal Israel Matt Dearborn February 23, 2002 107
Louis surprises everyone when he does a good job as a hall monitor. However, he ends up discovering a secret about Ren, and vows to blow the whistle on her.