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Episodes American Broadcasting Company January 13, 2001 and May 18, 2002

Note: All episodes, excluding cartoons, were directed by Tony Craig & Roberts Gannaway

Season 1 (2001) American Broadcasting Company January 13, 2001 and April 14, 2001

Episodes American Broadcasting Company Title Written by Storyboard by Original air date


101 "The Stolen Cartoons" Kevin D. Campbell, Henry Gilroy and Thomas Hart Sean Bishop, Rossen Varbanov, Todd Kurosawa, Edward Baker,

Robert McKnight, Thomas Bernardo and Monika Tomova

January 13, 2001
In an attempt to end the show and shut down the House of Mouse, Pete steals all the cartoons, and cannot be found guilty even with obvious clues pointing to him. Meanwhile, Donald is put in charge of the club after Mickey and Goofy leave to film a new cartoon. Despite managing to keep the show going, Pete points out that with only one cartoon, guests would get bored and eventually stop coming. His movements cause all the missing cartoons to come out of his coat, exposing his dirty trick and having him thrown out.

Cartoons: Pluto Gets the Paper: Wet Cement (2001), Donald's Dynamite: Magic Act (2000), Hickory Dickory Mickey (2001)

Series Premiere

102 "Big Bad Wolf Daddy" Kevin D. Campbell, Henry Gilroy and Thomas Hart William Austin, Rossen Varbanov, Robert McKnight, Edward Baker, Robert Griggs,

Nicole Lang, Larry Scholl, Cynthia Petrovic and Todd Kurosawa

January 27, 2001
Donald hires the Big Bad Wolf and the Three Little Pigs to perform a show at the club, which Mickey fears since the wolf damaged the club the last time he performed. The pigs confront the Wolf at the end for blowing everyone away. However, the doors fall onto the pigs, forming a house. This causes the wolf to blow the house down, including the club.

Cartoons: Donald's Charmed Date (2001), Pluto Gets the Paper: Mortimer (2000), How to Be Groovy, Cool, and Fly (2001)

103 "The Three Caballeros" Henry Gilroy Larry Scholl, Sean Bishop, Paul Fisher, Thomas Bernardo,

Rossen Varbanov and Lyndon Ruddy

February 3, 2001
The Three Caballeros are scheduled to perform at the club, but no one remembers that Donald was the third Caballero (except Pumbaa). Determined to not be forgotten, he tries to be the most important performer of the group, re-naming himself "The Duck Formerly Known as Donald" (a parody of Prince). However, everyone wants the old Donald back, making Jose and Panchito harass and embarrass Donald during their song.

Cartoons: Donald's Fish Fry (2000), How to Be Smart (2001)

104 "Goofy's Valentine Date" Thomas Hart Phillip Mosness, Rossen Varbanov, Edward Baker,

Thomas Bernardo and Robert Griffith

February 10, 2001
Minnie and Daisy feel sorry for Goofy after finding out that he has no Valentine's date, so they set up a blind date for him.

Cartoons: Donald's Valentine Dollar (1999), Mickey to the Rescue: Staircase (1999), Pluto's Arrow Error (1999)

106 "Timon and Pumbaa" Tracy Berna Edward Baker, Daniel Jippes, Carlos Baeza,

Thomas Bernardo, Rossen Varbanov and Lyndon Ruddy

February 24, 2001
Timon and Pumbaa are set to perform, but due to a disagreement on what to do for their act, their friendship ends. Now it is up to Mickey and Donald to bring them back together.

Cartoons: Pluto's Magic Paws (2000), Mickey to the Rescue: Cage and Cannons (1999), Golf Nut Donald (2001)

108 "Jiminy Cricket" Tracy Berna Chong Suk Lee, Sean Bishop and Thomas Bernardo March 10, 2001
Jiminy Cricket quits his job as Pinocchio's conscience after the jealous Pain and Panic separate Pinocchio from Jiminy. When Mickey says that he will do anything to help, the Blue Fairy makes Jiminy his conscience, much to Mickey's annoyance. It becomes obvious that Jiminy is making Mickey like Pinocchio when he makes him dress like the puppet and even Mickey's nose grows when he lies. Mickey quickly realizes that Pinocchio and Jiminy must stay together and has to figure out how to do it, mostly because Jiminy is ruining his image.

Cartoons: Mickey's Mistake (1999), Daisy's Road Trip (1999) Absent: Goofy

105 "Unplugged Club" Kevin D. Campbell, Henry Gilroy and Thomas Hart Cynthia Petrovic, Robert McKnight, Rossen Varbanov and Thomas Bernardo February 17, 2001
Pete attempts to stop the show again by removing the electrical battery and turning off all the club's electricity. Luckily, Mickey and Minnie turn it back on again with Zeus' lightning bolt.

Cartoons: Music Store Donald (2001), Mickey's Cabin (2000)

107 "Gone Goofy" Thomas Hart Paul Fisher, Carlos Baeza, Cynthia Petrovic,

Debra Pugh, Thomas Bernardo and Kurt Anderson

March 3, 2001
Donald tries to get Goofy fired from his job as head waiter after the club's budget causes problems.

Cartoons: Pit Crew (2001), Goofy's Extreme Sports: Shark Feeding (2000), Donald's Goofy World (2001)

109 "Rent Day" Henry Gilroy Sean Bishop, Rossen Varbanov, Gary Graham, Cynthia Petrovic,

Kurt Anderson, Robert McKnight and Thomas Bernardo

March 17, 2001
Before the show ends, Mickey needs to pay the rent for Pete after he unwittingly spends the money on cheese. To keep Pete busy, Mickey gives him the royal treatment until Minnie reveals she foresaw Mickey making a blunder like using the rent money on cheese and gives up saved money she kept in case of an emergency like this.

Cartoons: Mickey's Mountain (2000), Maestro Minnie: Circus Symphony (2001), Big House Mickey (2001)

110 "Donald's Lamp Trade" Kevin D. Campbell Daniel Jippes, Robert McKnight, Larry Scholl and Thomas Bernardo March 24, 2001
Taking advantage of Donald's jealousy towards Mickey, Jafar offers to make his dream of being the club's owner come true in exchange for "the lamp." However, it is not the lamp from the Cave of Wonders that he wants; it is a decorative one Mickey keeps in his dressing room. When Mickey learns of this, he willingly gives the lamp to Jafar and consoles Donald.

Cartoons: Survival of the Woodchucks (2000), Goofy's Radio (2000) Absent: Daisy

111 "Donald's Pumbaa Prank" Henry Gilroy Alan Zegler, Paul Fisher, Kurt Anderson,

Sean Bishop and Cynthia Petrovic

March 31, 2001
It is April Fool's Day, and after Mickey plays a friendly prank on Donald, Pete takes advantage of Donald and convinces him to play a nasty prank involving Pumbaa that could shut down the club for good.

Cartoons: Mickey's April Fools (2001), Whitewater Donald (2000)

112 "Thanks to Minnie" Tracy Berna Robert McKnight, Carlos Baeza, Chong Suk Lee, Thomas Bernardo,

Jerry Eisenberg, Kurt Anderson and Todd Kurosawa

April 7, 2001
Minnie feels that she is not appreciated at the House of Mouse after Clarabelle starts a rumor, so she quits her job, making the rest of the staff realize how much she means to them.

Cartoons: Minnie Visits Daisy (2000), Mickey's Big Break (2000)

113 "Pluto Saves the Day" Henry Gilroy Robert McKnight, Paul Fisher, Thomas Bernardo,

Ginny Suess and Garrett Ho

April 14, 2001
In an attempt to shut down the club, Pete buys magic sleeping apples from the Evil Queen/Old Peddler Woman, successfully putting everyone but Pluto to sleep. Thus, Pluto attempts to keep the show going, and after managing to do so, he kisses everyone and wakes them up, foiling Pete's plans to shut down the club once again.

Cartoons: Goofy's Big Kitty (1999), Pluto's Kittens (1999)

Season Finale

Season 2 (2001–2002) American Broadcasting Company April 21, 2001 and May 18, 2002

Episodes American Broadcasting Company Episodes American Broadcasting Company Title Written by Storyboard by Original air date


114 114 "Daisy's Debut" Thomas Hart Sean Bishop, Rossen Varbanov, Robert McKnight, Carlos Baeza, Kurt Anderson & Thomas Bernardo April 21, 2001
Daisy is given a chance to perform a duet with Mickey at the club, which makes Minnie feel left out. Realizing this, Daisy fakes injuring herself, to give Minnie her role in the duet (despite the lyrics saying the difference between a mouse and duck).

Cartoons: Daisy's Big Sale (2001), Topsy Turvy Town (1999) Absent: Donald Season Premiere

119 119 "Goofy for a Day" Thomas Hart Chong Suk Lee, Edward Baker, Mark Zoeller, Kurt Anderson, Garrett Ho, Lyndon Ruddy & Paul Fisher September 29, 2001
Max thinks that Goofy's job is not as important as Mickey and Donald's, so Goofy challenges Max to be a waiter.

Cartoons: How to Be a Waiter (1999), Maestro Minnie: Hungarian Rhapsody No. 6 (1999), Donald's Dinner Date (1999)

120 120 "Clarabelle's Big Secret" Tracy Berna Thomas Bernardo, Chong Suk Lee, Robert McKnight & Kurt Anderson October 6, 2001
When everyone is tired of Clarabelle's old gossip, she announces that at the end of the show, she will reveal a big secret about somebody. Now, everyone in the club is convinced that she knows something hidden about them which they accidentally reveal to her. In the end, she reveals the secret is that she is quitting gossip; she eagerly returns at everyone's insistence, ready to reveal all they have told her.

Cartoons: How to Be a Spy (1999), Double Date Don (2001)

121 121 "The Mouse Who Came to Dinner" Henry Gilroy Cynthia Petrovic, Paul Fisher, Robert McKnight, Garrett Ho, Kurt Anderson & Rossen Varbanov October 13, 2001
The gang tries to please Mortimer Mouse after they mistake him for a very important restaurant critic when it is really Lumiere.

Cartoons: Mickey's Mix Up (2000), Maestro Minnie: Flight of the Bumble Bee (1999), Donald's Grizzly Guest (1999)

118 118 "Max's New Car" Henry Gilroy Rossen Varbanov, Alan Zegler, Phillip Mosness & Kurt Anderson May 26, 2001
Max wants to get a car, but Goofy feels that he is not ready for one yet. A living car from one of the cartoons shown at the club arrives and Max, curious that it has no driver, gets in only to be taken hostage and driven around against his will. When the car crashes itself into the club, Goofy assumes the worst and forbids Max from having a car. Feeling sorry for Max, Mickey and the others let him host and show a cartoon of Goofy being a reckless driver. Convinced he was too harsh with Max, Goofy relents and buys a used car for him and gets him his own parking space.

Cartoons: Mickey's New Car (1999), Car Washers (2000), Motor Mania (1950) (clip) Note: This is the last episode to air on Fox Family.

115 115 "Not So Goofy" Phil Walsh Eddy Houchins, Edward Baker, Chong Suk Lee, Todd Kurosawa & Sean Bishop April 28, 2001
The gang is tired of Goofy's clumsiness and try to teach him to be more graceful, but quickly miss the old Goofy.

Cartoons: Roller Coaster Painters (1999), Goofy's Extreme Sports: Wakeboarding (1999), How to Wash Dishes (2000) Note: This is the first episode to air on ABC Family and to be produced at Fox Television Animation.

122 122 "Everybody Loves Mickey" Tracy Berna Thomas Bernardo, Bob Kline, Cynthia Petrovic, Sean Bishop, Eddy Houchins, Kurt Anderson, Chong Suk Lee & Ed Baker November 17, 2001
Donald is tired of all the love and respect Mickey receives especially his three nephews, so he temporarily forms an alliance with Mortimer.

Cartoons: Mickey's Rival Returns (2000), Mickey to the Rescue: Train Tracks (1999), Donald's Failed Fourth (1999)

123 123 "Max's Embarrassing Date" Tracy Berna Larry Scholl, Rossen Varbanov, Garrett Ho, Phillip Mosness, Chong Suk Lee & Virginia Suess January 19, 2002
Max has a date with Roxanne at the House of Mouse. At Max's request, everyone tries their best to keep Goofy away as he is a constant source of embarrassment to him. However, they all equally try too hard to make Max's date go well. In the end, Goofy is the one who sets things straight.

Cartoons: Pluto's Penthouse Sweet (1999), How to Ride a Bike (1999)

124 124 "Where's Minnie?" Phil Walsh Thomas Bernardo, Jason So, Alan Zegler & Garrett Ho January 26, 2002
Minnie goes down to the prop basement to find Mickey a birthday present, but after realizing that she did not take Pluto, Mickey thinks that she is lost and takes Pluto, Goofy and Donald with him to find her. This leaves Daisy in charge, which leads to disastrous results.

Cartoons: Mickey and the Color Caper (2002), Donald's Pool (2000)

125 125 "Super Goof" Thomas Hart & Kevin D. Campbell Daniel Jippes, Tom Ellery, Alan Zegler, Garrett Ho, Carlos Baeza,

Holly Forsyth, Kirk Hanson, Robert McKnight, Mark Zoeller & Rossen Varbanov

February 2, 2002
After eating some contaminated peanuts, Goofy becomes a superhero named "Super Goof", which no one seems to know it's him despite not wearing a mask or changing his voice. Now, he must save the club from an oncoming meteor.

Cartoons: How to Take Care of Your Yard (2000), Locksmiths (2000)

126 126 "King Larry Swings In" Phil Walsh Cynthia Petrovic, Larry Scholl, Kurt Anderson, Paul Fisher & Thomas Bernardo February 16, 2002
King Louie's brother, King Larry, guest stars at the House of Mouse, but ends up making a mess of things. They quickly teach him manners.

Cartoons: Mickey and the Seal (1948), Goofy's Extreme Sports: Paracycling (1999), How to Be a Gentleman (2000)

127 127 "Ladies' Night" Tracy Berna Chong Suk Lee, Bob McKnight, Garrett Ho, Rossen Varbanov & Todd Kurosawa February 23, 2002
It is Ladies' Night, and Minnie, Daisy and Clarabelle are in charge of the club while Mickey, Donald and Goofy go bowling. Obsessed with being a part of the show, Mortimer tries to ruin it by telling the boys that the club is in trouble.

Cartoons: Purple Pluto (1999), Daisy Visits Minnie (1999), Maestro Minnie: William Tell Overture (1999)

128 128 "Dennis the Duck" Thomas Hart Larry Scholl, Robert McKnight, Sean Bishop, Garrett Ho, Jeroen Verschoor, Rossen Varbanov, Todd Kurosawa & Kirk Hanson May 18, 2002
It is Black and White Day at the House of Mouse, and the club is packed with old black and white cartoon characters. One of them, Dennis the Duck, tries to win over Donald, who is annoyed by him at first. However, they bond by tossing sandwiches at Daisy's face.

Cartoons: The Whoopee Party (1932), Pioneer Days (1930) (clip), Mickey and the Goat Man (2002)

Series Finale

Season 3 (2002–2003) American Broadcasting Company May 12, 2001 and May 19, 2001

Episodes American Broadcasting Company Episodes American Broadcasting Company Title Written by Storyboard by Original air date


117 117 "Salute to Sports" Tracy Berna & Thomas Hart Eddy Houchins, Paul Fisher, Thomas Bernardo & Kurt Anderson May 19, 2001
Donald tries to prove that he is a good sport by not losing his temper. Meanwhile, Goofy tries to sing the National Anthem, but keeps getting it wrong.

Cartoons: How to Be a Baseball Fan (2000), Goofy Gymnastics (1949) Absent: Daisy Season Finale

116 116 "House Ghosts" Tracy Berna Rossen Varbanov, Larry Scholl, Paul Fisher, Thomas Bernardo, Kurt Anderson & Todd Kurosawa May 12, 2001
It's Halloween at the House of Mouse, and Pete unleashes some grim, grinning ghosts onto the club to try and scare everyone away in retaliation for everyone laughing at his Halloween costume. Meanwhile, Donald tries his best to win the costume contest.

Absent: Pluto

Note: Donald Duck dressed up as Woody, Buzz Lightyear and the Little Green Men from Toy Story, and Flik from A Bug's Life.

Cartoons: Hansel and Gretel (1999), Pluto Gets the Paper: Spaceship (1999), How to Haunt a House (1999) Special guest voice: Mr. T Season Premiere