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Episodes American Broadcasting Company October 7, 2004 and January 20, 2005

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101 "Pilot" Michael Engler Jeff Judah & Gabe Sachs October 7, 2004 101
Dino wants to have sex with his girlfriend Jackie, but she isn't ready. Jonathan wants to have a secret relationship with Deborah because he is embarrassed of others might say because she is overweight. Ben is hopelessly infatuated with his teacher, Ms. Young.

Series Premiere

102 "Pilot Junior" Michael Engler Jeff Judah & Gabe Sachs & Donald Todd October 14, 2004 102
Dino sees his mother having an affair with his hockey coach. Dino's secret about his parents' marital problems weakens his relationship with Jackie. Jonathan makes a scary discovery and suspects he may have penis cancer. Ms. Young makes a surprising move on Ben.
103 "The Best Laid Plans" Michael Engler Allison Adler October 21, 2004 103
Dino is on a mission to get back together with Jackie. Jackie is now willing to have sex with Dino, but Dino's problem weigh down on him and he leaves. Ben and Ms. Young try to find a way to get some alone time. Deborah admits to Jonathan that she is not a virgin. Jonathan needs to take some time out to deal with the fact that she might be a sexpert while he himself has no experience.
104 "Partly Cloudy, Chance of Sex" Michael Spiller Donald Todd October 28, 2004 104
Dino quits the hockey team in protest of his coach's relationship with his mother Annie, which sparks trouble at home. After Ms. Young convinces Ben to be in the school play, he is devastated when he finds out he's been cast as the male lead with Sue. Jonathan is insecure about his relationship with Deb, and Dino meets a new girl, Zoe.
105 "Secrets and Lies" Michael Spiller Melissa Carter November 4, 2004 105
Dino wants to move to his father's new apartment as his relationship with his mother hits a new low. When things at home get to be too much for Jackie to handle, she turns to a support group for help. Sue throws all her effort into practicing for the play as Ben and Sue realize they work well together. Ms. Young gets possessive with Ben, and Jonathan witnesses something the two kissing afterhours. Also Jonathan and Deb struggle in their relationship with what they can tell each other while still being loyal to their friends.
106 "Natural Disasters" Rachel Talalay Joel Madison December 2, 2004 106
107 "With a Kiss, I Die" John Peters Allison Adler December 9, 2004 107
108 "Family Hard-ships" Rick Wallace Adam Horowitz & Edward Kitsis December 16, 2004 108
109 "A Little Problem" Michael Engler Leila Gerstein January 6, 2005 109
110 "Breaking Away" Rodman Flender Jeff Judah & Gabe Sachs January 13, 2005 110
111 "You Must be Trippin'" Paul Holahan Luvh Rakhe January 20, 2005 111