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Episodes American Broadcasting Company October 10, 1981 and November 13, 1982

Season 1: Laverne & Shirley in the Army (1981–82) American Broadcasting Company October 10, 1981 and January 2, 1982

Episodes in USA Episodes American Broadcasting Company Title Original air date


101 101 "Invasion of the Booby Hatchers" October 10, 1981
The girls accidentally hijack a secret army rocket and get captured by aliens, who want to invade Earth.

Series Premiere

102 102 "Jungle Jumpers" October 17, 1981
The girls parachute in the middle of a jungle island and find themselves caught between the Zambulu tribe and a giant ape.
103 103 "Naval Fluff" October 24, 1981
Assigned to the Navy, the girls are caught in the middle of a target test, while enemy spies are about to attack the laser cannon ship.
104 104 "April Fools in Paris" October 31, 1981
Laverne & Shirley are on special assignment in Paris on April Fool's Day.
105 105 "I Only Have Ice for You" November 7, 1981
Fed up with kitchen duties and Squealy, the ladies make a transfer to a entertainment unit, only to have Squealy trick them and falsely sends the privates to Antarctica, where the plan backfires upon arrival. Unfortunately, they’re about to be in for a chilly reception: the Army base has been abandoned since 1946, and the current occupants are a sinister scientist, his assistant, and pet polar bear, who are planning to take over the world by melting the continent and flooding the planet.
106 106 "When the Moon Comes Over the Werewolf" November 14, 1981
Laverne and Shirley are convinced that they are in danger from a werewolf due to some confusion with a new recruit. Every time they turn their heads from her and look back, a wolf-like animal appears in her place, and they think that she has turned into it. The two do not know whether to help her or run the other way.
107 107 "Bigfoot" November 21, 1981
Sgt. Turnbuckle refuses to believe that the privates have seen a Bigfoot creature until he sees it for himself.
108 108 "Two Mini Cooks" November 28, 1981
Laverne & Shirley are sent to the kitchen for their punishment in another goof-up.
109 109 "Super Wacs" December 5, 1981
An Army vs. Navy basketball games has been scheduled. Laverne and Shirley sign up so they can get out of their regular duties. They have no idea what is in store for them, as the Navy players are nearly professional players and the practices that they go through are harder than the duties that they were trying to get away from.
110 110 "Meanie Genie" December 12, 1981
Laverne and Shirley discover a bottle while on maneuvers. When they clean it up, a genie appears, but he is not happy at having been disturbed from his deep sleep.
111 111 "Tokyo-Ho, Ho" December 19, 1981
Laverne & Shirley are off to Tokyo for a special mission.
112 112 "The Dark Knight" December 26, 1981
Shirley slips and hits her head, sending her and Laverne off to a dream state of the Middle Ages, where they are forced to fight an evil knight.
113 113 "Super Duper Trooper" January 2, 1982
Evil mastermind Tony Glut kidnaps the army football teams to steal their strength for his Crusher robot. His plan backfires when Shirley, Laverne and Squealy infiltrate the laboratory.

Season Finale

Season 2: Laverne & Shirley with The Fonz (1982) American Broadcasting Company September 25, 1982 and November 13, 1982

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114 114 "The Speed Demon Get-Away Caper" September 25, 1982
When the Fonz is wrongly accused and imprisoned for stealing a car he was working on, Laverne and Shirley (along with Squealy) go on a quest to capture the real criminal.

Season Premiere

115 115 "Swamp Monsters Speak with Forked Face" October 2, 1982
Laverne and Shirley (along with Squealy, The Fonz and Mr. Cool) board a boat to obtain photographic proof of a two-headed swamp monster.
116 116 "Movie Madness" October 9, 1982
Laverne and Shirley masquerade as stuntmen in hopes of meeting star Lance Velour when a movie is being filmed at the military base.
117 117 "One Million Laughs B.C." October 16, 1982
Laverne and Shirley are sent through a time warp into prehistoric times in a jeep that Fonzie has been working on.
118 118 "The Robot Recruit" October 23, 1982
A robot called M.A.B.E.L. is sent to the camp to sabotage the military games, for which Laverne and Shirley receive the blame. But when M.A.B.E.L. gets broken, the Fonz gives her a repair and tune-up.
119 119 "All the President's Girls" October 30, 1982
120 120 "Laverne and Shirley and the Beanstalk" November 6, 1982
121 121 "Raiders of the Lost Pork"

Series Finale

November 13, 1982