Knightwatch is an ABC network drama series created by Nita Nickerson, which aired from November 10, 1988 to January 19, 1989, lasting for one season & 9 episodes.

It was produced by Astor III Productions and MGM/UA Television.


The series centered on the activities of the "Knights of the City", a volunteer group set up to assist law enforcement.


  • Don Franklin as Calvin Garvey
  • Paris Vaughan as Leslie Chambers
  • Joshua Cadman as Jason Snyder
  • Ava Haddad as Casey Mitchell
  • Calvin Levels as Mark "Burn" Johnson
  • Samantha Mathis as Jacquline "Jake" Monroe
  • Harley Jane Kozak as Barbara "Babs" Shepard


"Knightwatch" was a Nielsen ratings failure, due to being forced to compete with NBC's The Cosby Show" & "A Different World", and CBS's "48 Hours". It was cancelled after 3 months on the air.

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