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King's Crossing is an ABC network evening soap opera which aired from January 16 to February 27, 1982, lasting for one season & 7 episodes.


The series centered on the Hollister family as they relocated to King's Crossing, California where recovering alcoholic Paul Hollister was looking for a fresh start with his family & career working as an English professor at the town's college.


  • Michael Zaslow as Jonathan Hadary
  • Stephanie Braxton as Carol Hadary
  • Donegan Smith as Dr. Bloom
  • Bradford Dillman as Paul Hollister
  • Mary Frann as Nan Hollister
  • Linda Hamilton as Lauren Hollister
  • Marilyn Jones as Carey Hollister
  • Daniel Zippi as Billy McCall
  • Doran Clark as Jillian Beauchamp
  • Beatrice Straight as Louisa Beauchamp
  • Dorothy Meyer as Willa Bristol


The show's roots can be found in the 1980 drama series, "Secrets of Midland Heights" which aired on CBS for eight episodes.

After that show was canceled, Lorimar Productions announced it would return in a retooled format; "King's Crossing" was a completely different show, but employed several actors (including Doran Clark, Linda Hamilton, Marilyn Jones, and Daniel Zippi) who had also appeared in the earlier drama.