Joanie loves chachi

Joanie Loves Chachi is an ABC network sitcom and spin-off of "Happy Days" created by Lowell Ganz, Mark Rothman and Garry Marshall, starring Erin Moran & Scott Baio as the title characters of Joanie Cunningham and Chachi Arcola respectively.

The show aired from March 23, 1982 to May 24, 1983, lasting for two seasons & 17 episodes.


The series centered on Joanie Cunningham and Chachi Arcola as they moved to Chicago to try to make it on their own as they pursue a music career with their rock band.


  • Erin Moran as Joannie Cunningham
  • Scott Baio as Chachi Arcola
  • Al Molinaro as Al Delvecchio
  • Ellen Travolta as Louisa Delvecchio
  • Art Metrano as Rico Mastorelli
  • Robert Pierce as Bingo Pierce
  • Derrel Maury as Mario Mastorelli
  • Winifred Freedman as Annette Mastorelli


At first, "Joanie Loves Chachi" attracted high ratings for the first few episodes, ranking at #17, but by its second season, the ratings plummeted after it moved to Thursday nights.

On May 24, 1983, the show was cancelled and the characters were brought back to "Happy Days" for their final season. ABC determined that the show was losing too much of its lead-in, suggesting low appeal if the show were moved.

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