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American Broadcasting Company January 26, 2003 and December 19, 2003

101 Series Premiere co-host: Snoop Dogg. with: George Clooney; Warren Sapp; Coldplay. January 26, 2003

102 co-host: Snoop Dogg. with: the Rock; Al Michaels; 50 Cent. January 27, 2003

103 co-host: Snoop Dogg. with: Robin Alexis; Tammy Faye Messner. January 28, 2003

104 co-host: Snoop Dogg. with: Adam Carolla; Shirley Corriher; the Armenian Comedian; New Found Glory. January 29, 2003

105 co-host: Snoop Dogg. with: Seth Green; Gerhard Reinke; Dr. Monica Deidrich; LeAnn Rimes. January 30, 2003

106 co-host: Snoop Dogg. with: David Alan Grier; Bob Einstein. January 31, 2003

107 co-host: Kathy Griffin. with: Jerry O'Connell; Tammy Faye Messner; Unwritten Law. February 3, 2003

108 co-host: Kathy Griffin. with: Corey Feldman; Jeffrey Ross; Simple Plan. February 4, 2003

109 co-host: Kathy Griffin. with: Ben Stein; Eric Roberts; Gerhard Reinke; Jurassic 5. February 5, 2003

110 co-host: Kathy Griffin. with: Estella Warren; Zach Galifianakis. February 6, 2003

111 co-host: Kathy Griffin. with: Bonnie Hunt; Master P; Lil' Romeo; Uncle Frank. February 7, 2003

112 co-host: Adam Carolla. with: Andy Dick; Uncle Frank; Tonic. February 10, 2003

113 co-host: Adam Carolla. with: Hugh Hefner; Lucy Lawless; D4. February 11, 2003

114 co-host: Adam Carolla. with: Jolene Blalock; Patton Oswalt; Talib Kweli. February 12, 2003

115 co-host: Adam Carolla. with: Heather Graham; Christopher Lowell. February 13, 2003

116 co-host: Adam Carolla. with: Adrienne Barbeua; Dr. Drew Pinsky; Erick Sermon. February 14, 2003

117 co-host: Janeane Garofalo. with: Famke Janssen; Colin Quinn; Guttermouth. February 17, 2003

118 co-host: Janeane Garofalo. with: Howard Kremer; Field Mob; Jamie Kennedy. February 18, 2003

119 co-host: Janeane Garofalo. with: Laura Linney; David Cross; Bob Edenkirk. February 19, 2003

120 co-host: Janeane Garofalo. with: Trista & Ryan; Emmanuel Lewis; Bill Walton; Quentin Richardson; Kaiji wrestlers. February 20, 2003

121 co-host: Janeane Garofalo. with: Rich Eisen; Jennifer Garner; Martina Sementelli. February 21, 2003

122 co-host: Don King. with: Lauren Graham; Super Dave Osbourne; Har Mar Superstar. February 24, 2003

123 co-host: Don King. with: Nicole Eggert; Kevin Mitnick; Papa Roach. February 25, 2003

124 co-host: Don King. with: Vince Vaughn; Monica Bellucci; Robin Leach; t.a.T.u. February 26, 2003

125 co-host: Don King. with: Anna Nicole Smith; Lennox Lewis; Todd Glass. February 27, 2003

126 co-host: Don King. with: Evan Marriott; Steve-O. February 28, 2003

127 co-host: Sarah Silverman. with: Jeff Goldblum; Molly Sims; Fabolous. March 3, 2003

128 co-host: Sarah Silverman. with: Rachel Hunter; Gerhard Reinke; James Clair Lewis; Nappy Roots. March 5, 2003

129 co-host: Sarah Silverman. with: Roseanne; Jared Fogle. March 6, 2003

130 co-host: Sarah Silverman. with: Tom Arnold; Uncle Frank; Bowling for Soup. March 7, 2003

131 co-host: Jeffrey Ross. with: John Leguizamo; Suge Knight; Cook E. Jarr. March 10, 2003

132 co-host: Jeffrey Ross. with: Eugene Levy; Ralphy May; Zebrahead. March 11, 2003

133 co-host: Jeffrey Ross. with: Lorenzo Lamas; Matt Stone & Trey Parker; Smilez & Southstar. March 12, 2003

134 co-host: Jeffrey Ross. with: Cris Judd; Happatai. March 13, 2003

135 co-host: Jeffrey Ross. with: R. Lee Erney; Brooke Burke; Gerhard Reinke. March 14, 2003

136 co-host: Fred Durst. with: the Smothers Brothers; Carolyn Murphy; Flogging Molly; Dave Capurro. March 17, 2003

137 co-host: Fred Durst. with: Geri Halliwell; Kevin Nealon; Supergrass. March 18, 2003

138 co-host: Slash. with: Dave Foley; Scott Thompson; Janel Moloney. March 24, 2003

139 co-host: Slash. with: Robert Evans; ''Stone Cold'' Steve Austin; Andy Milonakis. March 25, 2003

140 co-host: Slash. with: Ashton Kutcher; Pat O'Brien; Sen Dog & B-Real (Cypress Hill). March 26, 2003

141 co-host: Slash. with: Alyson Hannigan; the Amazing Kreskin; Killer Mike & Big Boi. March 27, 2003

142 co-host: Slash. with: Thora Birch; Doug Benson; Camp Freddy. March 28, 2003

143 co-host: Mike Tyson. with: Wanda Sykes; Saliva. March 31, 2003

144 co-host: Mike Tyson. with: Tom Lasorda; Guy Torry. April 1, 2003

145 co-host: Mike Tyson. with: Ben Stein; the Fatchelor; Cam'ron & the Diplomats. April 2, 2003

146 co-host: Mike Tyson. with: Marlon Wayans; Ali Landry; Time Lapse Consortium. April 3, 2003

147 co-host: Mike Tyson. with: Michael Vartan; Michael Buffer; Foo Fighters. April 4, 2003

148 co-host: David Alan Grier. with: Jason Gillearn; Leann Tweeden; Curt Schilling. April 7, 2003

149 co-host: David Alan Grier. with: Rory Culkin; Demetri Martin; ''Are You Hot?'' winners. April 8, 2003

150 co-host: David Alan Grier. with: Shannen Doherty; Charles Nelson Reilly. April 9, 2003

151 co-host: David Alan Grier. with: Eddie Griffin; Krista Allen. April 10, 2003

152 co-host: David Alan Grier. with: Regis Philbin; Godsmack. April 11, 2003

153 co-host: Deion Sanders. with: Joan Rivers; Mitch Rouse; Sum 41. April 14, 2003

154 co-host: Deion Sanders. with: Mila Kunis; Adam Carolla; Andrew Antone. April 15, 2003

155 co-host: Deion Sanders. with: Ricky Carmichael & James ''Bubba'' Stewart; Jillian Barberie; the Transplants. April 16, 2003

156 co-host: Deion Sanders. with: Michael Irvin; Connie Britton; Disturbed. April 17, 2003

157 co-host: Deion Sanders. with: Fred Willard; Buzz Aldrin; Liquid Movement Master. April 18, 2003

158 co-host: Jamie Kennedy. with: John Ritter; Mo Rocca; Elsewhere. April 21, 2003

159 co-host: Jamie Kennedy. with: Goldberg; Maroon 5. April 22, 2003

160 co-host: Jamie Kennedy. with: William Shatner; Aisha Tyler; Queens of the Stone Age. April 23, 2003

161 co-host: Jamie Kennedy. with: Dale Earnhardt, Jr.; Sarah Kozer; Robert Tsai. April 24, 2003

162 co-host: Jamie Kennedy. with: Carmen Electra; Terry Bradshaw. April 25, 2003

163 co-host: John Edward. with: Sarah Wynter; Fischerspooner; Nicole & Roxanne. April 28, 2003

164 co-host: John Edward. with: Hal Sparks; Anthony Anderson; Gerhard Reinke; Polyphonic Spree. April 29, 2003

165 co-host: John Edward. with: Ray Liota; Nick Swardson; the Calvanes. April 30, 2003

166 co-host: John Edward. with: Rebecca Romjin-Stamos; Donal Logue; Manny Yarbrough. May 1, 2003

167 co-host: John Edward. with: Jim Rome; Stan Lee; Uncle Frank; Christopher Engel. May 2, 2003

168 co-host: Patton Oswalt. with: David Boreanaz; Jeff Garcia; Ozomatli. May 5, 2003

169 co-host: Patton Oswalt. with: Yoko Ono; Poppy Montgomery; Neil Hamburger. May 6, 2003

170 co-host: Patton Oswalt. with: Paula Abdul; Lil' Mo; the Fatchelor Finale. May 7, 2003

171 co-host: Patton Oswalt. with: Sarah Silverman; Chris Jericho. May 8, 2003

172 co-host: Patton Oswalt. with: Frankie Muniz; Shannon Elizabeth; Isaac Hayes. May 9, 2003

173 co-host: Monica Lewinsky. with: Tony Hawk; Lil' Kim. May 14, 2003

174 co-host: Monica Lewinsky. with: Luke Perry; Marilyn Manson. May 15, 2003

175 co-host: Monica Lewinsky. With: Mekhi Phifer; David James Elliott; Cold. May 16, 2003

176 co-host: Ed McMahon. with: Kathy Griffin; Helio Castronueves; Lil' Max. May 19, 2003

177 co-host: Ed McMahon. with: Brooke Burns; Sticky Fingaz; Greg Proops; Corn Mo'. May 20, 2003

178 co-host: Ed McMahon. with: Jeff Garlin; Lucha Va Voom; Amarillo Slim; the Mighty Mighty Bosstones. May 21, 2003

179 co-host: Ed McMahon. with: Andrew Firestone; Toby Keith. May 22, 2003

180 co-host: Ed McMahon. with: Catherine Bell; Kenny Chesney. May 23, 2003

181 co-host: Method Man. with: George Lopez; Stephen Chow; Mark Cohen; Henry Phillips. June 2, 2003

182 co-host: Method Man. with: Henry Winkler; the Marijuanalogues; Redman. June 3, 2003

183 co-host: Method Man. with: Tyrese; Josie Maran; the Maloof Brothers. June 4, 2003

184 co-host: Method Man. with: Vince Carter; Josie Maran; Finch. June 5, 2003

185 co-host: Method Man. with: the Datsuns. June 6, 2003

186 co-host: Jay Mohr. with: Tyra Banks; Jesse James. June 9, 2003

187 co-host: Jay Mohr. with: Cheri Oteri; Robert Patrick; Bone Crusher. June 10, 2003

188 co-host: Jay Mohr. with: Triple H; Bert Kreischer; Rick Barry. June 11, 2003

189 co-host: Jay Mohr. with: Orlando Jones; Rosa Blasi; the Roots f/Cody. June 12, 2003

190 co-host: Jay Mohr. with: Seth Green; the Cosbies; Staind. June 13, 2003

191 co-host: Perry Farrell. with: Gary Busey; Adam de la Pena; Andy Milonakis; the Donnas. June 16, 2003

192 co-host: Perry Farrell. with: Mr. T; MTV's Surf Girls; Kings of Leon. June 17, 2003

193 co-host: Perry Farrell. with: Ryan Seacrest; Rooney. June 18, 2003

194 co-host: Perry Farrell. with: Super Dave Osbourne; Steve-O; Bellydance Superstars. June 19, 2003

195 co-host: Perry Farrell. with: William H. Macy; Dave Navarro; Jane's Addiction. June 20, 2003

196 co-host: David Cross. with: Martin Short; Lou Ferrigno. June 23, 2003

197 co-host: David Cross. with: Steve Harvey; Bob Odenkirk; C.S. Lewis, Jr.; Gerhard Reinke. June 24, 2003

198 co-host: David Cross. with: Kelsey Grammer; Kelly Hu; Joe Budden. June 25, 2003

199 co-host: David Cross. with: Crispin Glover; Nicole Sullivan; Trapt. June 26, 2003

1100 co-host: David Cross. with: Donal Logue; Lisa Guerrero; Liz Phair. June 27, 2003

1101 co-host: Zach Galifianakis. with: Adam Carrolla; Elyse Sewell; Shia LaBeouf; Mest. July 7, 2003

1102 co-host: Zach Galifianakis. with: Matt Stone & Trey Parker; Chris Spencer; William Bastone; Tower of Power Horns. July 8, 2003

1103 co-host: Zach Galifianakis. with: Stuart Scott; the Coma Guy; David Banner. July 9, 2003

1104 co-host: Zach Galifianakis. with: Regina King; Jeffrey Ross; the Cosmes. July 10, 2003

1105 co-host: Zach Galifianakis. with: Johnnie Cochran; Alf; the Ataris. July 11, 2003

1106 co-host: Jack Osbourne. with: Sandra Bernhard; Terrell Owens; the Cosmes; Jimmy Dore. July 14, 2003

1107 co-host: Jack Osbourne. with: Jamie Foxx; Roscoe; Brady Krause. July 15, 2003

1108 co-host: Jack Osbourne. with: Michael Vick; Lenny Clarke. July 16, 2003

1109 co-host: Jack Osbourne. with: James Woods; Uncle Frank; Powerman 5000. July 17, 2003

1110 co-host: Jack Osbourne. with: Sharon Osbourne; Dane Cook; Dog Agility Champions. July 18, 2003

1111 co-host: Lil' Max$o. with: Magic Johnson; Gary Payton; Chaka Khan. July 21, 2003

1112 co-host: Lil' Max$o. with: Dick Clark; Kerri Kenney; Idlewild; Uncle Frank. July 22, 2003

1113 co-host: Lil' Max$o. with: Pamela Anderson; January Jones; Interpol. July 23, 2003

1114 co-host: Lil' Max$o. with: Kathy Griffin; Danny Provenzano; Michelle Branch. July 24, 2003

1115 co-host: Lil' Max$o. with: Karl Malone; Vanessa Ferlito; Boyd Tinsley. July 25, 2003

1116 co-host: Macy Gray. with: Andy Dick; Hall & Oates. August 4, 2003

1117 co-host: Macy Gray. with: Fred Willard; Damon Dash; Ralphie May; Revis. August 5, 2003

1118 co-host: Macy Gray. with: Pat O'Brien; Jeff Richards; Gerhard Reinke. August 6, 2003

1119 co-host: Macy Gray. with: Adam Rodriguez; Rob Zombie. August 7, 2003

1120 co-host: Macy Gray. with: Gary Coleman; Brooke Burne; Pharrel; Clipse. August 8, 2003

1121 co-host: Super Dave Osborne. with: Michael Rappaport; Linkin Park. August 11, 2003

1122 co-host: Super Dave Osborne. with: Cheryl Hines; Kelly Slater; Revolution Smile. August 12, 2003

1123 co-host: Super Dave Osborne. with: Ashton Kutcher; Louie C.K.; Gerhard Reinke. August 13, 2003

1124 co-host: Super Dave Osborne. with: Charisma Carpenter; Jonathan Abrams; Lil' Jon & the East Side Boyz w/Ying Yang Twins. August 14, 2003

1125 co-host: Super Dave Osborne. with: Tyson Beckford; Fabiola da Silva; the Armenian Comedian. August 15, 2003

1126 co-host: Horatio Sanz. with: Mark Paul Gossolaar; Andy Milonakis; the World's Smallest Dog; The Music. August 18, 2003

1127 co-host: Horatio Sanz. with: Amy Smart; Wee Man; Adema. August 19, 2003

1128 co-host: Horatio Sanz. with: Dave Foley; Nicki Aycox; Gerhard Reinke; Dave Gahan. August 20, 2003

1129 co-host: Horatio Sanz. with: Wendy Williams; Undertaker; Dan Mintz. August 21, 2003

1130 co-host: Horatio Sanz. with: Kelly Osbourne; Rob Aston; Travis Draft; Dave Sheridan; Van Stone. August 22, 2003

September 2, 2003 co-host: Mr. T. with: James Belushi; Dianne Farr. 311 ABC
September 3, 2003 co-host: Mr. T. with: Patton Oswalt; Chris Masterson; Junior Senior. ABC
September 4, 2003 co-host: Mr. T. with: Donal Logue; Sex Pistols; Gerhard Reinke. ABC
September 5, 2003 co-host: Mr. T. with: Terry Bradshaw, Jillian Barberie, Howie Long, Jimmy Johnson; Frank Caliendo. ABC
September 8, 2003 co-host: Adam Carolla. with: Wilmer Valderrama; Mischa Barton; the Starting Line. ABC
September 9, 2003 co-host: Adam Carolla. with: Seth Green; the World's Smartest Dog; Taking Back Sunday. ABC
September 10, 2003 co-host: Adam Carolla. with: Cheech Marin; Katherine Heigl; Nick Swardson. ABC
September 11, 2003 co-host: Adam Carolla. with: Anthony Anderson; Dr. Drew Pinsky; Kenny Mayne. ABC
September 12, 2003 co-host: Adam Carolla. with: Ali Landry; Jim Florentine. ABC
September 15, 2003 co-host: Mick ''Mankind'' Foley. with: Tony Danza; Forty Deuce; Steve Miller. ABC
September 16, 2003 co-host: Mick ''Mankind'' Foley. with: Rose McGowan; Mike Epps; Huey Lewis & the News. ABC
September 17, 2003 co-host: Mick ''Mankind'' Foley. with: Sara Rue; Craig Robinson. ABC
September 18, 2003 co-host: Mick ''Mankind'' Foley. with: Sugar Shane Mosely; Jeri Ryan; Thrice. ABC
September 19, 2003 co-host: Mick ''Mankind'' Foley. with: David Alan Grier; Bubba Sparxxx. ABC
September 22, 2003 with: Lauren Graham; Federico Gastelluccio; Fountains of Wayne. ABC
September 23, 2003 with: Shaquille O'Neal; Janeane Garofalo; Dominique's Cat Circus. ABC
September 24, 2003 with: Jason Biggs; Greta van Susteren; Gerhard Reinks; Brand New. ABC
September 25, 2003 with: Ben Stiller; Eric ''Badlands'' Booker; Obie Trice. ABC
September 26, 2003 with: Jennifer Garner; Danny Nucci; Daniel Tosh; Zakk Wylde. ABC
September 29, 2003 co-host: Kermit, the Frog. with: Evander Holyfied; Daryl Hannah; Todd Glass. ABC
September 30, 2003 co-host: Kermit, the Frog. with: Carla Gugino; Peter Berg; Rascal Flatts. ABC
October 1, 2003 co-host: Kermit, the Frog. with: Bob Guiney; Jeffrey Ross. ABC
October 2, 2003 co-host: Kermit, the Frog. with: Ted McGinley; Sarah Silverman; Ray Huffman; DJ Z-Trip. ABC
October 3, 2003 co-host: Kermit, the Frog. with: Dean Cain; Wade Robson; Pennywise. ABC
October 6, 2003 co-host: Bobcat Goldthwait. with: Cedric, the Entertainer; Teri Polo; Mini Kiss. ABC
October 7, 2003 co-host: Bobcat Goldthwait. with: Ben Stein; Chris O'Donnell; Mike O'Connell. ABC
October 8, 2003 co-host: Bobcat Goldthwait. with: Sarah Chalke; Eve; Jeff Corwin; Lou Rawls. ABC
October 9, 2003 co-host: Bobcat Goldthwait. with: Quentin Tarantino; Stephanie McMahon; the Sounds. ABC
October 10, 2003 co-host: Bobcat Goldthwait. with: Nikki Cox; Donald Faison; Anthony Hamilton. ABC
October 13, 2003 co-host: Bob Odenkirk. with: Rich Eisen; Jolene Blalock; Dierks Bently. ABC
October 14, 2003 co-host: Bob Odenkirk. with: Harland Williams; Bobby Cannavalle; the Distillers. ABC
October 15, 2003 co-host: Bob Odenkirk. with: Joan Cusack; Paul Rudd; Steve Byrne; Pancho Sanchez. ABC
October 16, 2003 co-host: Bob Odenkirk. with: Al Michaels; Sofia Milos; Cook E. Jarr. ABC
October 17, 2003 co-host: Bob Odenkirk. with: Kelly Osbourne; Omar Gooding; Keith Barry. ABC
October 20, 2003 co-host: Anthony Anderson. with: Denise Richards; Trey Parker & Matt Stone; Saves the Day. ABC
October 21, 2003 co-host: Anthony Anderson. with: David Arquette; Anna Faris; Something Corporate. ABC
October 22, 2003 co-host: Anthony Anderson. with: Eddie Griffin; Bobby Flay; Dorothy Anderson. ABC
October 23, 2003 co-host: Anthony Anderson. with: Travis Fimmel; the Rapture. ABC
October 24, 2003 co-host: Anthony Anderson. with: Jessica Biel; Jim McMullan; Rylee Newton; Aunt Chippy. ABC
October 27, 2003 co-host: David Alan Grier. with: Pat O'Brien; Derek Fisher; Ima Robot. ABC
October 28, 2003 co-host: David Alan Grier. with: Ed McMahon; Brooke Burke. ABC
October 29, 2003 co-host: David Alan Grier. with: Donny Osmond; Tony Stewart; John Caparulo. ABC
October 30, 2003 co-host: David Alan Grier. with: Wanda Sykes; Simon Rex; Andy Milonakis; Ludacris. ABC
October 31, 2003 co-host: David Alan Grier. with: Tammy Faye; Adam Corolla; Jerry Minor; Me First & the Gimme Gimmes. ABC
November 3, 2003 co-host: Andy Dick. with: Chris Moneymaker; child insect experts. ABC
November 4, 2003 co-host: Andy Dick. with: Laura Prepon; Tank Abbott; Neil Hamburger. ABC
November 5, 2003 co-host: Andy Dick. with: Michael Vartan; Kathie Lee Gifford; Dom Irrera; Jeffrey Osborne. ABC
November 6, 2003 co-host: Andy Dick. with: Joe Montana; Tenacious D. ABC
November 7, 2003 co-host: Andy Dick. with: Jason Bateman; Serena Williams; P.O.D. ABC
November 10, 2003 co-host: D.L. Hughley. with: Mitch Hedberg; Kelly Clarkson. ABC
November 11, 2003 co-host: D.L. Hughley. with: Uncle Frank's 70th Birthday; Penn & Teller. ABC
November 12, 2003 co-host: D.L. Hughley. with: Flea; Alan Rickman; Toby Keith. ABC
November 13, 2003 co-host: D.L. Hughley. with: Britney Spears; Clay Aiken; DMX. ABC
November 14, 2003 co-host: D.L. Hughley. with: Shannon Elizabeth; Eric Gagne; Eddie Money. ABC
November 17, 2003 co-host: Jon Favreau. with: John Stamos; the Klitschko Brothers; Mini Kiss. ABC
November 18, 2003 co-host: Jon Favreau. with: Kathy Griffin; Bob Guiney; 3 Doors Down. ABC
November 19, 2003 co-host: Jon Favreau. with: Ron Livingston; Big Tymers. ABC
November 20, 2003 co-host: Jon Favreau. with: Jim Belushi; Fred Willard; the Marijuanlogues. ABC
November 21, 2003 co-host: Jon Favreau. with: Jennifer Tilly; Yellowcard. ABC
November 24, 2003 co-host: Mark Hoppus. with: Jenna Elfman; Duane Martin; Donna Green; Switchfoot. ABC
November 25, 2003 co-host: Tom Delonge. with: Estalla Warren; Nelly. ABC
November 26, 2003 co-host: Travis Barker. with: Bryan Cranston; Jason Kilbert; Blink 182. ABC
December 1, 2003 co-host: Lenny Clarke. with: Wayne Gretzky; Dick Gregory; Dwayne Kennedy. ABC
December 2, 2003 co-host: Lenny Clarke. with: Trista Rehn & Ryan Sutter; Jenna Boyd; Murphy Lee. ABC
December 3, 2003 co-host: Lenny Clarke. with: Mekhi Phifer; Moby; Kevin Knox. ABC
December 4, 2003 co-host: Lenny Clarke. with: Jessica Alba; Joe Jackson; Michell Branch. ABC
December 5, 2003 co-host: Lenny Clarke. with: Jeffrey Tambor. ABC
December 8, 2003 co-host: Method Man. with: Mike Ditka; Dennis Rodman; Hoobastank. ABC
December 9, 2003 co-host: Method Man. with: Michael Irvin; Adam Carolla; Three Days Grace. ABC
December 10, 2003 co-host: Method Man. with: Jennie Garth; the Rza; Future Talent Showcase. ABC
December 11, 2003 co-host: Method Man. with: Gwen Stefani & Adrian Young; Steven R. Shirripa; the Flu. ABC
December 12, 2003 co-host: Method Man. with: Dennis Haysbert; Eva Mendes; Jack Johnson with G-Love. ABC
December 15, 2003 co-host: Zach Galifianakis. with: Tracy Morgan; Grank Gifford; Puddle of Mudd. ABC
December 16, 2003 co-host: Zach Galifianakis. with: Rachael Leigh Cook; Ben Stein. ABC
December 17, 2003 co-host: Zach Galifianakis. with: George Lopez; Brian Unger; Roger Rittenhouse. ABC
December 18, 2003 co-host: Zach Galifianakis. with: Hugh Hefner; Counting Crows; Carmello Anthony; the Flu. ABC
December 19, 2003 co-host: Zach Galifianakis. with: Jeffrey Tambor; Maria Menounos; the Children of the World Choir. ABC Season Finale