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Jack's Place is a ABC network drama series created by Amy Holden Jones, starring Hal Linden in the lead role.

The show aired from May 26, 1992 to July 13, 1993, lasting for two seasons & 18 episodes.


The series centered on retired jazz musician Jack Evans, who runs a restaurant where romances tend to start and he helps people find lost loves.


  • Hal Linden as Jack Evans
  • Finola Hughes as Chelsea
  • John Dye as Greg


A first attempt at the series in 1991, starred Lou Rawls in a never-aired pilot.

According to Hal Linden, "ABC liked the idea but not the execution, I guess. So they hired a new producer, Scott Brazil, who rewrote it, recast it and got me on board."

Linden speculated that his casting came from the character being "a former musician and bandleader performer, and so am I. Maybe they were going on that."


"Jack's Place" was slated to simply be shown in the summer, but did well enough in the ratings that ABC decided to pick up the series for more episodes.

Although initially having some success with audiences reviews tended toward the negative.

Hence, Entertainment Weekly deemed it "drearily sentimental and banal" while Jon Burlingame was slightly more positive, describing it as "happy and unthreatening". Both reviewers compared it to "The Love Boat" and "Cheers".