It takes a thief

It Takes a Thief is an ABC network adventure\action series created by Roland Kibbee.

The show aired from January 9, 1968 to March 24, 1970, lasting for three seasons & 66 episodes. It was produced by Universal Television.


The series centered on the adventures of Alexander Mundy, a cat burglar, pickpocket & thief who steals to finance his life as a polished playboy and sophisticate.

While incarcerated, the U.S. government's SIA (the fictional Secret Intelligence Agency) proposes a deal to Alexander: steal for the government in exchange for his freedom.


  • Robert Wagner as Alexander Mundy
  • Malachi Throne as Noah Baines
  • Fred Astaire as Alistair Mundy
  • Ed Binns as as Wally Powers
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