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It Takes Two is an ABC network sitcom series created by Susan Harris, starring Richard Crenna & Patty Duke Astin in the lead roles.

The show aired from October 14, 1982 to April 28, 1983, lasting for one season & 22 episodes.

Susan Harris, her husband Paul Junger Witt & Tony Thomas executive produced the series, under the group's Witt/Thomas/Harris Productions company.


The series centered on couple Sam & Molly Quinn, a modern, dual career couple whose personal lives were largely impacted by their professions; Sam worked as a doctor and Molly worked as an assistant district attorney.


  • Richard Crenna as Dr. Sam Quinn
  • Patty Duke Astin as Molly Quinn
  • Helen Hunt as Lisa Quinn
  • Anthony Edwards as Andy Quinn
  • Billie Bird as Mama
  • Richard McKenzie as Dr. Walter Chaiken
  • Randy Lowell as Decker
  • Della Reese as Judge Caroline Phillips


After "It Takes Two" was cancelled, Golden West Television, the company that provided production facilities for the shows produced by Witt/Thomas (and Harris), distributed syndicated reruns of the series (along with its sister series, "It's a Living") to local stations during the 1983-84 season.

This was the rare instance of a series that was only produced for one season being picked up for off-network, local station reruns.