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I Married Dora is an ABC network sitcom series created by Michael J. Leeson and starring Daniel Hugh Kelly, which aired from September 22, 1987 to January 8, 1988, lasting for one season & 13 episodes.

The show had low ratings and was canceled halfway into its only season.


The series centered on architect and single father Peter Farrell who marries his housekeeper, Dora Calderon to save her from being deported to El Salvador.


  • Daniel Hugh Kelly as Peter Farrell
  • Elizabeth Peña as Dora Calderon
  • Juliette Lewis as Kate Farrell
  • Jason Horst as Will Farrell
  • Sanford Jensen as Dolf Menninger
  • Evelyn Guerrero as Marisol Calderon
  • Henry Jones as Hughes Whitney Lennox

Series Finale

"I Married Dora" had low ratings and was canceled halfway into its only season. The final episode ended with a scene, known as "breaking the fourth wall."

Peter received a two-year job offer in Bahrain and the final scene show him boarding a plane headed overseas, leaving Dora and his children behind despite their pleas.

A few moments later, Peter reappeared:

Peter: Hold on, hold on. Calm down here.
Dora (surprised): Mr. Peter?
Peter (looks at the airline ticket in his hand): It's been canceled.
Dora: The flight?
Peter (throws the ticket over his shoulder): No, our SERIES!

The cameras pulled back to show the entire stage as the cast & crew waved goodbye and performed curtain calls.


Year Award Result Category Recipient
1988 Young Artist Award Nominated Best Young Actress Starring in a New Television Comedy Series Juliette Lewis
Nominated Best Young Actor Starring in a New Television Comedy Series Jason Horst