ABC Wiki

Note: This is NOT about a TV show! This is about a network that likes to cancel every good show for no reason.

ABC is an American 5th oldest major TV network. This page is a list of steps of how to be ABC!

To be ABC, you must:

  1. Make bad decisions
  2. Cancel every good show (because you're not conservative, you hate them, you don't care about good broadcasting, you don't know what a good show is, torture audiences)
  3. Torture audiences
  4. Have no regrets for canceling good shows
  5. Pass on spinoffs people are excited to see
  6. Renew crap shows
  7. Underestimate/Torture audience
  8. Cancel simply high rated conservative good shows just because you're not conservative
  9. Make tough decisions
  10. Act like blacks are racist, cancel their shows, and fire them because you think they're racist