Hot wheels

Hot Wheels was a thirty-minute ABC network Saturday morning animated series created by Fred Crippen, Eddie Smardan and Ken Synder.

The show aired for two seasons from September 6, 1969 to September 4, 1971 after 17 episodes.


"Hot Wheels" was about the racing exploits of a high school student, Jack "Rabbit" Wheeler, who was the leader of the Hot Wheels Racing Club.

Voice CastEdit

  • Bob Arbogast as Doc Warren
  • Melinda Casey as Janet Martin
  • Albert Brooks as Kip Chogi
  • Susan Davis as Ardeth Pratt
  • Casey Kasem as Dexter Carter
  • Nora Marlowe as Mother O'Hare
  • Michael Rye as Mike Wheeler



Hot Wheels Intro

Hot Wheels Intro