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Hope & Faith is an ABC network sitcom series created & produced by Joanna Johnson. The show aired from September 23, 2003 to May 2, 2006, lasting for three seasons & 73 episodes.


The series centered on soap opera star Faith Fairfield who moves to Glen Falls, Ohio to live with her sister, Hope Shanowski after her character is killed off the show she starred on.


  • Faith Ford as Hope Shanowski (nee Fairfield)
  • Kelly Ripa as Faith Fairfield
  • Ted McGinley as Charlie Shanowski
  • Nicole Paggi as Sydney Shanowski #1 (season 1)
  • Megan Fox as Sydney Shanowski #2 (seasons 2-3)
  • Macey Cruthird as Hayley Shanowski
  • Paulie Litt as Justin Shanowski


Josh Stamberg, Brie Larson & Slade Pearce were originally cast for the roles of Charley, Sydney and Justin Shanowski for the original pilot episode (which was taped on April 30, 2003), but they were fired & replaced due to creative differences.

The parts were recast with Ted McGinley, Nicole Paggi & Paulie Litt, and the episode was shot again on August 16, 2004.


On January 18, 2006, ABC announced that it was benching "Hope & Faith" for the February sweeps in order to make room for an expanded edition of "Dancing with the Stars."

The show aired its remaining episodes from March 21, 2006 on Tuesdays at 8:30 p.m. ET (which aired against FOX's "American Idol"), but in May of 2006, it was announced that "Hope & Faith" would be cancelled when ABC unveiled its fall 2006 line up.


US Ratings
Season Episodes Premiere Season finale Viewers
(in millions)
1 2003–2004 25 September 23, 2003 May 14, 2004 8.2 #77
2 2004–2005 26 September 24, 2004 May 6, 2005 6.9 #98
3 2005–2006 22 September 30, 2005 May 2, 2006 5.8 #103