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Hooperman is an ABC network comedy drama crime series created by Steven Bochco and Terry Louise Fisher.

The show aired from September 23, 1987 to July 26, 1989, lasting for two seasons & 42 episodes.


The series centered on Harry Hooperman, a police inspector for the San Francisco Police department who juggles his professional & personal life after he inherits the rundown apartment building that he lives in.


  • John Ritter as Inspector Harry Hooperman
  • Debrah Farentino as Susan Smith
  • Barbara Bosson as Captain Celeste "C.Z." Stern
  • Felton Perry as Inspector Clarence McNeil
  • Clarence Felder as Inspector Boris "Bobo" Pritzger
  • Sydney Walsh as Maureen "Mo" DeMott
  • Joseph Gian as Officer Rick Silardi
  • Alix Elias as Betty Bushkin