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Homeroom is an ABC network sitcom series created by Andrew Scheinman & Gary Gilbert.

The show aired from September 16, 1989 to December 17, 1989, lasting for one season & 13 episodes (leaving three episodes unaired).

ABC executives created the show as a vehicle for Darryl Sivad after seeing his routine on "The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson."


The series centered on Darryl Harper, a highly paid advertising copywriter who decides to quit his job to teach underprivileged kids at a inner city school.


  • Darryl Sivad as Darryl Harper
  • Penny Johnson as Virginia "Vicki" Harper
  • Bill Cobbs as Phil Drexler
  • Claude Brooks as Anthony Harper
  • Trent Cameron as Sam
  • Jahary Bennett as Devon
  • Billy Dee Willis as Donald
  • Daphne Lyn Jones as Lisa

Reception & Cancellation

"Homeroom" premiered on ABC on September 16, 1989 to mixed reviews; it was scheduled on Sunday nights opposite CBS's hit series, "Murder, She Wrote" and NBC's "My Two Dads". As a result, the show struggled in the ratings and faced cancellation.

In an effort to save the series, the cast and producers asked viewers to start a letter writing campaign.

Executive producer Topper Carew went on a cross-country promotional tour to schools where he showed the series to students and teachers and held a Q&A session afterwards. He also mailed letters and contacted African-American organizations and activists asking them to watch the show and to talk about it.

Despite the cast and producers' efforts, ABC canceled the series in December 1989, leaving three of the thirteen episodes produced unaired.