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Holmes & Yoyo is an ABC network comedy series created by Jack Sher and Lee Hewitt, which aired from September 25 to August 8, 1977, lasting for one season & 13 episodes.

It was produced by Heyday Productions Inc. and Universal Television.


The series centered on the adventures & misadventures of hard luck police detective Alexander Holmes and his android partner, Yoyo.


  • John Schuck as Detective Alexander Holmes
  • Richard B. Shull as Gregory "Yoyo" Yoyonovich
  • Bruce Kirby as Captain Harry Sedford
  • Andrea Howard as Officer Maxine Moon


"Holmes & Yoyo" was cancelled in December of 1976 after 11 episodes aired; the remaining two episodes were burned off in August of 1977.


"Holmes & Yoyo" is considered one of the worst television series ever made. It ranked at #33 on TV Guide's "50 Worst TV Shows of All Time" list.