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Here Come the Brides is an ABC network western comedy series which aired from September 25, 1968 to April 3, 1970, lasting for two seasons & 52 episodes.


Set in in post-American Civil War Seattle in the Washington Territory, the series centered on the adventures of a logging work team and the marriageable single women who are sent to them.


  • Robert Brown as Jason Bolt
  • Bobby Sherman as Jeremy Bolt
  • David Soul and Joshua Bolt
  • Mark Lenard as Aaron Stempel
  • Bridget Hanley as Candace "Candy" Pruitt
  • Joan Blondell as Lottie Hatfield
  • Henry Beckman as Captain Clancey
  • Susan Tolsky as Biddie Cloom
  • Hoke Howell as Ben Perkins
  • Robert Biheller as Cory
  • Bo Svenson as Olaf "Big Swede" Gustavsen
  • Mitzi Hoag as Essie Halliday
  • Carole Shelyne as Franny
  • Cynthia Hull as Ann
  • Eric Chase as Christopher Pruitt
  • Patti Cohoon as Molly Pruitt