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Heart of the City is an ABC network drama series created by E. Arthur Kean & Michael Zinberg which premiered on September 20, 1986.

The show debuted on ABC's Saturday night schedule following the shows "The Ellen Burstyn Show" and "Life with Lucy". It became the second lowest rated show that season, airing against NBC's "The Golden Girls" and "Amen" and also lost out to CBS's "The New Mike Hammer."

The show ended on January 10, 1987 after one season & 13 episodes.


"Heart of the City" centered on the duties of police detective Wes Kennedy in a Los Angeles-styled city who also has to take care of his two teenaged children, Robin & Kevin after his wife's murder (and how his colleagues on the force chastised him for making them look bad when he solved most of his cases).


  • Robert Desiderio as Detective Wes Kennedy
  • Christina Applegate as Robin Kennedy
  • Jonathan Ward as Kevin Kennedy
  • Branscombe Richmond as Sergeant Luke Halui
  • Robert Alan Browne as Detective Stanley