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Hawaiian Eye is an ABC network detective\crime drama series created by Roy Huggins.

The show aired from October 7, 1959 to April 2, 1963, lasting for four seasons & 134 episodes.


Set in Honolulu, Hawaii, the series centered on private investigators Tracy Steele and Tom Lopaka, who owned their own combination detective agency and private security firm as they solved crimes.


  • Anthony Eisley as Tracy Steele
  • Robert Conrad as Tom Lopaka
  • Connie Stevens as Chryseis "Cricket" Blake
  • Poncie Ponce as Kazuo "Kim" Quisado
  • Grant Williams as Greg McKenzie (1960-63)
  • Troy Donahue as Philip Barton (1962-63)

Broadcast History

"Hawaiian Eye" did well in the ratings on Wednesday evenings against NBC and Perry Como's "Kraft Music Hall".

In the show's last season, it was placed on the Tuesday schedule opposite CBS's "The Red Skelton Show" and a new NBC Western drama, "Empire."

"The Red Skelton Show" survived the competition and "Empire" was cut to a half-hour program called "Redigo" the following season, and was soon cancelled.

The third-season episodes were preceded in the 8:30 pm (Eastern) time slot by the popular Hanna-Barbera cartoon series, "Top Cat".