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Good & Evil is an ABC network sitcom series created by Susan Harris, which aired from September 25 to October 30, 1991, lasting for one season & 7 episodes (leaving 3 of them unaired).

It was produced by Witt/Thomas/Harris Productions in association with Touchstone Television.


The series centered on two sisters with different personalities; Denise is evil & conniving while Genevieve (or "Genny") is sweet & pure.


  • Teri Garr as Denise Sandler
  • Margaret Whitton as Genevieve "Genny"
  • Mary Gillis as Mary
  • Marius Weyers as Ronald
  • Lane Davies as Dr. Eric Haan
  • Sherman Howard as Roger
  • Marian Seldes as Charlotte Sandler
  • Brooke Theiss as Caroline
  • William Shockley as Sonny
  • Seth Green as David
  • Mark Blankfield as George
  • Lane Smith as Harlan Shell


"Good & Evil" (which was placed in the unusual-for-a-sitcom 10:30/9:30c slot on Wednesdays) was poorly rated.

Also, George, the blind psychologist character brought the series under fire by the National Federation of the Blind for negatively portraying blind people as clumsy and clueless.

As a result, ABC cancelled the series after only six episodes. ABC insisted that the program was not intended to be in any way realistic, but rather a "parody done to the extremes, and there is not a single character in the show intended to be believable."

After this experience, Susan Harris vowed in the press that she would never work with ABC ever again, feeling that the network had sabotaged "Good & Evil" from the beginning.

Witt and Thomas were apparently in agreement with Harris; it would be five years before Witt and Thomas alone would enter into a new development deal with ABC (for "Common Law").

In 1998, Harris rekindled her relationship with ABC, and created what has been her last TV series to date, "The Secret Lives of Men" which was short-lived.