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Going to Extremes is an ABC network drama series created by Joshua Brand, John Falsey and Frank South.

The show aired from September 1, 1992, to January 27, 1993, lasting for one season & 17 episodes.


The series centered on American medical students who undergo their training on a tropical island.


  • Erika Alexander as Cheryl Carter
  • June Chadwick as Dr. Alice Davis
  • Roy Dotrice as Doctor Croft
  • Camilo Gallardo as Kim Selby
  • Joanna Going as Kathleen McDermott
  • Daniel Jenkins as Alex Loren
  • Charles Keating as Dr. Jack Van De Weghe
  • Andrew Lauer as Charlie Moran
  • Carl Lumbly as Dr. Norris
  • Robert Duncan McNeill as Colin Midford