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Gideon's Crossing is an ABC network medical drama series created by Paul Attanasio which aired from October 10, 2000 to April 9, 2001, lasting for one season & 20 episodes. It was loosely based on the experience of real-life physician Jerome Groopman and his book, "The Measure of Our Days."


The series centered on Ben Gideon, the chief of experimental medicine at a prestigious teaching hospital that is often the last hope for critically ill patients.

A skilled healer, Gideon has a somewhat unique bedside manner and he frequently uses rather unorthodox methods to help heal his patients and pass along his passion to the younger generation of physicians.


  • Andre Braugher as Dr. Ben Gideon
  • Rubén Blades as Dr. Max Cabranes
  • Eric Dane as Dr. Wyatt Cooper
  • Russell Hornsby as Dr. Aaron Boies
  • Ravi Kapoor as Dr. Siddartha Shandor
  • Sophie Keller as Dr. Maya Stiles
  • Hamish Linklater as Dr. Bruce Cherry
  • Rhona Mitra as Dr. Alejandra Klein
  • Kevin J. O'Connor as Dr. Michael Pirandello
  • Meagan Gregory as Rose Gideon
  • Jascha Washington as Eli Gideon
  • Brian Wiltshire as Charlie Gideon