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  • Samatha Arellano (voiced by Mable Jones) - Samantha is an Witch who is cultivated and beautiful woman who knits, dabbles in art, plays the shamisen, raises a carnivorous plant and trims roses by clipping off the buds and arranging the thorny stems in a vase. With long, straight ebony-black hair, she is always attired in a floor-length tight black dress that ends, apparently, in a full set of tentacles. With her aristocratic bearing and detachment, she is often the calm center of the chaotic events of the household, but she performs magical feats effortlessly; for instance, in "Samantha Bloodthirsty" she becomes blood-hungry (similar to Taylor's feeling to act like both an vampire and human being). Their children (Alina, Michael, Dan, and Nicholas) are Human-Zombies hybrids.
  • Cody Taylor (voiced by James Xeamu) - Taylor is an Vampire who is an (retired) lawyer/musician, Gomez is of Castilian descent, he refers to Spain as his "ancestral home". His ardor is greatly intensified when she speaks French (a running joke has Gomez mistaking other languages, including Yiddish, for French). Taylor is very wealthy, apparently as a result of owning numerous companies and stocks and is often following the tape from a stock ticker that is installed in the living room. Taylor has a desk drawer and a safe full of cash. He squanders money in a cavalier manner and loses it on stocks, but still remains wealthy. His hobby is gleefully crashing and detonating model trains. He sometimes stands on his head as he reads the newspaper or plays solitaire. Regularly dressed in a double-breasted and chalk-pinstriped suit with a black tie, Xeamu is almost always seen smoking a cigar. Astin based the character of Taylor on both Groucho Marx and the real-life Cody Taylor (who created/associate produced this series). Like Groucho, Xeamu was also a cigar smoker; he then quit cigars after the series ended.







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