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Episodes American Broadcasting Company September 18, 1971 and January 8, 1972

Episodes American Broadcasting Company Title Directed by Written by Original air date


101 "Jenny, Jenny" Richard Kinon Charles Shyer & Alan Mandel September 18, 1971
Bobby is named his sister Jenny's legal guardian, but she runs away when she thinks that her presence is breaking up both his friendship and partnership with Lionel.

Series Premiere

102 "Cathy's Clown" September 25, 1971
Bobby decides a new girlfriend would be timely to inspire his lyricist partner to write a better love song.
103 "All Shook Up" Lou Antonio Steve Zacharias October 2, 1971
Bobby is shaken when he discovers that his younger sister Jenny is going to have her first date.
104 "Where Are You, Little Star?" Ralph Senensky Dennis Klein October 9, 1971
When Bobby goes to Lionel's high school reunion, he discovers that Lionel has exaggerated the degree of their Hollywood success.
105 "Singing the Blues" Jerry Bernstein John D. F. Black October 16, 1971
Bobby discovers a 10-year-old potential rock superstar, not realizing the pitfalls that await him.
106 "Why Do Fools Fall in Love?" Richard Kinon Richard Bensfield & Perry Grant October 23, 1971
Bobby and Lionel try to convince Rita that she does not love a blind date that they have arranged for her.
107 "Beep, Beep" October 30, 1971
Bobby and Lionel have opposite views of an accident they have witnessed and their arguments endanger their songwriting future.
108 "I Want You, I Need You, I Love You" Hal Cooper William S. Bickley November 13, 1971
Unwittingly, Bobby double-crosses his partner by introducing Sandra to a rock superstar.
109 "Memories Are Made of This" Roger Duchowny Jack Winter December 4, 1971
Because they need money to rent tuxedos, Bobby and Lionel enroll as human guinea pigs in a strange university experiment.
110 "Those Oldies But Goodies Remind Me of You" Ralph Senensky William S. Bickley December 11, 1971
Nostalgia causes Bobby to give away his best song to an old rock and roll group (whose only hit was "Teenage Heaven") who are trying to make a comeback.
111 "Blue Christmas" Jerry Bernstein Richard Bensfield & Perry Grant December 18, 1971
Bobby's plans to give Jenny an old-fashioned Christmas go awry.
112 "The Great Pretender" December 25, 1971
After he meets an encyclopedia salesgirl, Bobby learns he should not have read his horoscope, which predicted he would fall in love.
113 "Breaking Up Is Hard to Do" Lou Antonio Richard Baer January 1, 1972
Bobby and Lionel break up their songwriting partnership because of a misunderstanding.
114 "Broken-Hearted Melody" January 8, 1972
When Lionel sells Bobby's bed to a pretty photographer, Bobby has to agree to get his hair cut for a commercial in order to get the bed back.

Series Finale