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Galactica 1980 is an ABC network science-fiction series and spin-off of "Battlestar Galactica" created by Glen A. Larson.

The series aired from January 27, 1980 to May 4, 1980, lasting for one season & 10 episodes.


The series centered on the crew members of the Galactica who prepare Earth for battle against the Cylons.


  • Lorne Greene as Commander Adama
  • Herb Jefferson Jr. as Colonel Boomer
  • Kent McCord as Captain Troy
  • Barry Van Dyke as Lieutenant Dillon
  • Robyn Douglass as Jamie Hamilton
  • Jeremy Brett and Richard Lynch as Commander Xavier
  • Allan Miller as Colonel Jack Sydell
  • Robbie Rist and James Patrick Stuart as Doctor Zee


"Galactica 1980" was poorly received during its run and was cancelled after only ten episodes, many of which were multi-part stories.

The show's final episode shown was "The Return of Starbuck" (which featured a guest appearance by Dirk Benedict from the original series).

Glen A. Larson even began to develop a sequel to this episode, but the series was cancelled during production of episode 11, "The Day They Kidnapped Cleopatra", which remained unfinished.