For Life is a legal and family drama television series created by Hank Steinberg. It premiered on February 11, 2020 on ABC in the United States.

The series was renewed for a second season.

About the show

A fictional serialized legal and family drama inspired by the life of Isaac Wright Jr., For Life tells the story of Aaron Wallace, a man wrongfully imprisoned for a crime he did not commit. Desperate to return to his family and reclaim his life, he educates himself and becomes a lawyer, trying to overturn his own life sentence while litigating cases for other inmates as well. While fiction, Aaron's complicated relationship with a progressive female prison warden shines a light on the flaws and challenges that the U.S. penal and legal systems face today.



Season 1

  1. Pilot
  2. Promises
  3. Brother's Keeper
  4. Marie
  5. Witness
  6. Burner
  7. Do Us Part
  8. Daylight
  9. Buried
  10. Character and Fitness
  11. Switzerland
  12. Closing Statement
  13. Fathers

Season 2


For Life is produced by Hank Steinberg, Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson via G-Unit Film & Television, Doug Robinson and Alison Greenspan of Doug Robinson Productions and Isaac Wright Jr. The pilot is directed and executive produced by George Tillman Jr. For Life is a co-production of Sony Pictures Television Inc. and ABC Studios.


Promotional videos

For Life - Official Trailer

For Life - Official Trailer

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