Felony Squad is an ABC network crime\drama series created by Richard Murphy which aired from September 12, 1966 to January 31, 1969, lasting for three seasons & 73 episodes.

It was produced by 20th Century-Fox Television and sponsored by L&M cigarettes.


The series centered on Sergeant Sam Stone and Detective Jim Briggs working as investigators in a major crimes unit.


  • Howard Duff as Detective Sgt. Sam Stone
  • Dennis Cole as Detective Jim Briggs
  • Ben Alexander as Desk Sgt. Dan Briggs
  • Frank Maxwell as Captain Frank Nye


Originally titled as "Men Against Evil", the show was set to be a soap opera-type program about a police captain. However, when the concept proved to be unworkable, the project was changed to a standard police drama with three main characters.

In addition, following a sponsor's objection about being associated with the word "evil," the show's title was changed.

For the first two years "Felony Squad" aired, it was broadcast on Monday nights, with 30 episodes comprising a season's run.

In the fall of 1968, it was switched to a Friday evening time slot, a move that proved disastrous. It was cancelled at midseason in January of 1969 after just thirteen episodes aired.

The final episode of the series was part of a crossover with the ABC legal drama, "Judd, for the Defense" starring Carl Betz, but the stunt also proved to be no more effective for Judd, which was cancelled at the end of its season after a two-year run.

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