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Elvis is an ABC network drama series created by Rick Husky and Priscilla Presley (the wife of Elvis Presley), starring Michael St. Gerard in the lead role.

The show aired from February 6 until May 19, 1990, lasting for one season & 10 episodes.

It was produced by James D. Parriott Productions, Navarone Productions, Rick Husky Productions and New World Television.


The series centered on the early life of singer Elvis Presley before becoming a famous star.


  • Michael St. Gerard as Elvis Presley
    • Ronnie McDowell as Elvis Presley (singing voice)
  • Millie Perkins as Gladys Presley
  • Billy Green Bush as Vernon Presley
  • Jesse Dabson as Scotty Moore
  • Blake Gibbons as Bill Black
  • Kelli Williams as Mattie Walker
  • Jordan Williams as Sam Phillips
  • Howard French as Harley “Red” Calder


"Elvis" was cancelled in May of 1990 due to low ratings; the show's ten episodes (along with three unaired episodes) were edited into a four-hour mini-series titled "Elvis: The Early Years."