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Dangerous Minds is an ABC network drama series (based on the 1995 film "Dangerous Minds" starring Michelle Pfeiffer), starring Annie Potts in the lead role. It was created by Ronald Bass, Jan Rusconi, Diane Frolov and Andrew Schneider.

The show premiered on September 30, 1996 and ended on March 15, 1997 after only one season and 17 episodes.


The show was about Marine veteran Louanne Johnson, an unconventional teacher who inspires her class of bright, but difficult inner-city students and makes a real difference in their lives, outside school as well as inside.


  • Annie Potts as LouAnne Johnson
  • Stanley Anderson as Bud Bartkus
  • Jenny Gago as Amanda Bardoles
  • Michael Jace as Jerome Griffin
  • Tamala Jones as Callie Timmons
  • Vicellous Reon Shannon as Cornelious Hawkins
  • Cedrik Terrell as James Revill
  • Maria Costa as Blanca Guerrero
  • LaToya Howlett as Alvina Edwards
  • Greg Serano as Gusmaro Lopez


Producers Andrew Schneider and Diane Frolov made a character based on real life former U.S. Marine, teacher and author LouAnne Johnson do things that she herself thinks are unethical, inadvisable and silly.

In one episode, the character LouAnne Johnson took her students to a strip club to organize a fundraiser for their school by participating in a hair war. The producers thought that this would make her cute and endearing, ignoring the fact that they wrote LouAnne into taking her underage students to a strip club.

In another episode, a black character threatens to shoot her teacher because LouAnne encourages his girlfriend to go to college. This never happened outside of the show and the real LouAnne Johnson knew that depicting African American males as violent was wrong and unrealistic.



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