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Episodes American Broadcasting Company March 31, 2009 and June 16, 2009

Episodes American Broadcasting Company Title Directed by Written by Original air date


101 "Pilot" Bharat Nalluri Rob Thomas March 31, 2009
After being arrested for helping an Irishman vandalize the New Year's celebration in New York to catch the eye of a girl he had met for twenty minutes years ago in Dublin, a man claiming to be Cupid is sent to a mental institution for three months before being released after he is determined no danger to the public. Publicly calling himself Trevor Pierce, "Cupid" is put under the surveillance of mental health professional and relationship guidance counselor Claire McCrae.

Series Premiere

102 "Live and Let Spy" Michael Fields Diane Ruggerio April 7, 2009
An heiress in disguise falls in love with the private investigator who helped ruin her previous relationship. Meanwhile, Félix begins dating Lita's boyfriend's mom.
103 "The Great Right Hope" Michael Grossman David Walpert April 14, 2009
Trevor assists a teen who is trying to match his single mom up with his boxing instructor.
104 "The Tommy Brown Affair" Matthew Diamond David Walpert April 28, 2009
Trevor helps a locksmith who is in love with his parole officer.
105 "Shipping Out" Michael Fields Cindy Chupack May 5, 2009
Trevor tries to reunite high-school sweethearts.
106 "Left of the Dial" Michael Grossman Michael Oates Palmer May 12, 2009
Trevor sets his sights on a radio DJ and one of his listeners.
107 "My Fair Masseuse" June 16, 2009
A dialect expert is enlisted by Claire to seek clues to Trevor's origins, and by Trevor to act as Henry Higgins.

Series Finale