Cristela is an American multi-camera situation comedy television series that premiered on October 10, 2014, on ABC, as part of the 2014–15 television season.

The series was created by stand-up comedienne Cristela Alonzo, who also stars in and writes for the series and serves as an executive producer with co-creator Kevin Hench, Becky Clements, Marty Adelstein, and Shawn Levy for Fox Television Studios.

The supporting cast consisted of Maria Canals Barrera, Carlos Ponce, Isabella Day, Jason Guenther, Terri Hoyos, Andrew Leeds, Sam McMurray and Justine Lupe.

On May 7, 2015, the series was canceled after one season and 22 episodes.


The show chronicles the life of Cristela Hernandez, a Mexican-American law school graduate living in Dallas, Texas, who must balance her chance to live the American Dream by working as an unpaid intern at a law firm with the concerns of her family including her sister Daniela (who thinks she should get a paying job), her brother-in-law Felix (who thinks of her as a freeloader) & her mother Natalia (who wants her to settle down and marry).

At work, she deals with her boss Trent Culpepper (who is prone to unintentional racist statements), his daughter Maddie (who could not care less about working and is described by Cristela as a "rich spoiled white girl") and Josh (who is her love interest for the series).


  • Cristela Alonzo as Cristela Hernandez
  • Maria Canals Barrera as Daniela Gonzalez
  • Carlos Ponce as Felix Gonzalez
  • Terri Hoyos as Natalia Hernandez
  • Andrew Leeds as Josh
  • Sam McMurray as Trent Culpepper
  • Justine Lupe as Maddie Culpepper
  • Isabella Day as Isabella Gonzalez
  • Jacob Guenther as Henry Gonzalez


Cristela Trailer

Cristela Trailer

Cristela ABC First Look Trailer

Cristela ABC First Look Trailer

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