Channing is an ABC network drama series written by Theodore Apstein, Robert Kaufman & Ken Kolb.

The show aired from September 18, 1963 to April 8, 1964, airing for one season & 26 episodes.


The series centered on life at the fictional Channing College and Professor Joe Howe, a Korean War veteran who is hired to teach English at the school.


  • Jason Evers as Professor Joseph Howe
  • Henry Jones as Dean Fred Baker
  • Leo G. Carroll as Professor John Miller
  • Yvonne Craig as Kathy O'Reardon
  • Keir Dullea as Larry Franklin
  • Joey Heatherton as Lynn Walton
  • Leslie Nielsen as Professor Paul Stafford
  • Suzanne Pleshette as Laurie Moore
  • Marion Ross as Assistant Dean Ryker
  • Dawn Wells as Nancy Kyle
  • Robert Lansing as Harrison Keith
  • Don Gordon as Mario Saccone
  • Chris Robinson as Jim Wilson
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