Champs is an ABC network sitcom series created by Gary David Goldberg, which aired from January 9 to August 7, 1996, lasting for one season & 12 episodes with three episodes unaired.

It was produced by Ubu Productions and DreamWorks Television.


The series centered on five friends 20 years after they won a high school basketball championship together.


  • Timothy Busfield as Tom McManus
  • Ashley Crow as Linda McManus
  • Libby Winters as Phoebe McManus
  • Danny Pritchett as Jesse McManus
  • Ed Marinaro as Vince Massilli
  • Kevin Nealon as Marty Heslov
  • Ron McLarty as Coach Harris
  • Paul McCrane as Dr. Herb Barton
  • Julia Campbell as Doris Heslov
  • Joshua Jackson as Matt Mazzilli
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