Capital News

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Capital News is an ABC network drama series created by David Milch & Christian Williams.

The show aired from April 9 to April 30, 1990, lasting for one season & 12 episodes (leaving 9 of them unaired).

It was produced by MTM Enterprises.


The series focuses on the editorial staff and writers of the fictional Washington, D.C.-based daily newspaper called "The Washington Capital."


  • Mark Blum as Edison King
  • Lloyd Bridges as Jonathan "Jo Jo" Turner
  • Christian Clemenson as Todd Lunden
  • Chelsea Field as Cassy Swann
  • Kurt Fuller as Miles Plato
  • Charles Levin as Vinnie DiSalvo
  • Richard Murphy as Richie Fineberg
  • Wendell Pierce as Conrad White
  • Daniel Roebuck as Haskell Epstein
  • William Russ as Redmond Dunne
  • Helen Slater as Anne McKenna
  • Michael Woods as Clay Gibson
  • Jenny Wright as Doreen Duncan
  • Luke Edwards as Clay Gibson Jr.
  • Andrea Evans as Andrea Schaffer
  • Dean H. Hunt as Pediatric Doctor
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