Buck James

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Buck James is an ABC network medical drama series created by Paul F. Edwards, starring Dennis Weaver in the lead role.

The show aired from September 27, 1987 to May 5, 1988, lasting for one season & 19 episodes.

It was produced by TriStar Television and Columbia Pictures Television.


The series centered on trauma surgeon Buck James, who works at Holloman University Hospital in Texas and has a passion for ranching as well.


  • Dennis Weaver as Buck James
  • Alberta Watson as Rebecca Meyer
  • Shannon Wilcox as Jenny James
  • Jon Maynard Pennell as Clint James
  • Dehl Berti as Vittorio
  • John Cullum as Henry Carliner
  • Elena Stitiler as Dinah James
  • Perry Anzilotti as Myron
  • Sam Anderson as Elias Turner
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