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Episodes American Broadcasting Company September 24, 2014 May 20, 2015

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101 101 "Pilot" James Griffiths Kenya Barris September 24, 2014 101 11.04
Advertising exec Dre looks forward to a promotion that would make him the first African American senior vice president at his firm in the premiere of this family sitcom, but he worries that there is a price to pay for his success when his son Andre Jr. announces that for his 13th birthday he's converting to Judaism in order to have a Bar Mitzvah like all his friends.
102 102 "The Talk" Rebecca Asher Vijal Patel October 1, 2014 102 8.29
Dre insists on giving Andre Jr. "the talk," a decision he soon comes to regret when he's inundated with nonstop questions about sex from his curious son.
103 103 "The Nod" James Griffiths Kenya Barris October 8, 2014 103 7.93
Dre is on a mission to get Andre Jr. to become friends with more black kids after learning his son is clueless about "the nod." Meanwhile, Rainbow wants to inspire little Diane to become a doctor, and so she takes her to work at the hospital on what ends up being a really bad day.
104 104 "Crazy Mom" James Griffiths Gail Lerner October 15, 2014 104 6.93
Dre takes over Rainbow's "mom" duties for a week and the overwhelming praise he receives from everyone at his kids' school ends up going to his head to the point where he finds himself going overboard not to be outdone by anyone, including the school's "crazy mom."
105 105 "Crime and Punishment" Claire Scanlon Corey Nickerson October 22, 2014 105 7.95
The kids fear that an act of disobedience by Jack could lead to Dre and Rainbow going back on their word and reinstating spanking.
106 106 "The Prank King" Matt Sohn Lindsey Shockley October 29, 2014 106 7.67
Dre worries that his older kids are going to ruin his Halloween fun by refusing to take part in the Johnson tradition of seeing who can pull the most outlandish pranks on each other.
107 107 "The Gift of Hunger" Victor Nelli, Jr. Peter Saji November 12, 2014 107 7.78
It's reality check time for the Johnson kids courtesy of Dre, who decides that his children have become spoiled after they turn their noses up at his favorite cheap restaurant in his old hood. To remedy the situation, Andre Jr. and Zoey are forced to take jobs at his office, while Jack and Diane try to make money around the neighborhood, which, to Bow's embarrassment, leads to rumors about the family falling on hard times.
108 108 "Oedipal Triangle" Rebecca Asher Vijal Patel November 19, 2014 108 7.82
Dre receives a lot of love from his mom when she pays the Johnsons a visit, and some grief from Bow, who doesn't get along with her mother-in-law, although Dre's determined to change that.
109 109 "Colored Commentary" Ken Whittingham Yvette Lee Bowser November 26, 2014 109 6.82
Dre wants "Team Johnson" to feel more connected and have each others' backs, but ends up creating a problem for himself when he falls short of Bow's expectations. Meanwhile, Zoey and Andre Jr. are tasked with babysitting the twins, a job they would rather not do.
110 110 "Black Santa/White Christmas" Elliot Hegarty Gail Lerner December 10, 2014 110 7.28
Certain that his annual office Christmas party needs a black Santa, Dre goes out of his way to fill the red suit, even though the head of HR already got the job. Meanwhile, Bow doesn't feel like competing with Ruby over who cooks the big holiday dinner.
111 111 "Law of Attraction" Michael Schultz Corey Nickerson January 7, 2015 111 6.23
Dre worries that his machismo is being questioned by Rainbow after another man dismisses him in front of her. This leads to Pops helping his son save face and, in the process, opening the door to another chance with Ruby. Elsewhere, the school play takes a turn for the awkward when Jr. and Zoey are cast as the romantic leads in "Romeo and Juliet."
112 112 "Martin Luther Skiing Day" Stuart McDonald Lindsey Shockley January 14, 2015 112 6.51
Dre decides to teach his kids the importance of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. while on their annual MLK holiday ski trip; and for Junior, this means a unique lesson on intolerance in the real world—or in his case, the ski lodge.
113 113 "Big Night, Big Fight" Rebecca Asher Vijal Patel February 11, 2015 113 6.83
Dre vows to make Valentine's Day a romantic success, even though most years he and Rainbow end up quarreling; and Diane comes to the conclusion that she is too critical and accepts help from her siblings learning how to give a compliment.
114 114 "Andre From Marseille" Phil Traill David Hemingson February 18, 2015 114 6.40
Dre takes an instant dislike to Zoey's first serious boyfriend, a worldly teen from France.
115 115 "The Dozens" Millicent Shelton Peter Saji February 25, 2015 115 6.63
Dre teaches Andre Jr. how to trash-talk a school bully; Diane is afraid of the dark. In the last trash-talk of the episode, Dre calls Junior "Raven Symone with a fade"; Raven-Symoné would go on to guest star as Dre's sister in episode 22.
116 116 "Parental Guidance" Michael Schultz Corey Nickerson March 4, 2015 116 6.72
Dre, determined to make up for the no-frills, last-minute wedding he and Bow had, organizes an amazing vow renewal for their 15th anniversary. But when Bow’s hippie-dippy parents, Alicia and the very white Paul show up unannounced -- bombshells are dropped and old disagreements re-ignite between the two families, especially with Pops and Ruby.
117 117 "30 Something" John Fortenberry Courtney Lilly March 25, 2015 117 6.34
When Dre is about to turn forty, he tries to prove he is still young at heart.
118 118 "Sex, Lies and Vasectomies" Matt Sohn Gail Lerner April 1, 2015 118 7.43
Bow tricks Dre into thinking she's pregnant so he'll admit he didn't get his vasectomy. Meanwhile Jack and Diane try to be the babies while they can and Junior tries many attempts to get the baby to like him for him.
119 119 "The Real World" Victor Nelli, Jr. Scott Weinger April 8, 2015 119 6.09
Bow invites her college friends to the house to impress them, including her ex-boyfriend. The kids try to shoot an episode of a reality show.
120 120 "Switch Hitting" Ken Whittingham Kenya Barris April 22, 2015 120 6.57
A new executive questions Dre's blackness, which makes him do everything possible to prove him wrong.
121 121 "The Peer-ent Trap" Ken Whittingham Yvette Lee Bowser April 29, 2015 121 5.94
Dre and Bow decide on their own how to handle Zoey after Dre sets new rules in the house rules (mostly for Zoey) and Jr. teaches Jack and Diane loopholes around the rules.
122 122 "Please Don't Ask, Please Don't Tell" Victor Nelli, Jr. Peter Saji May 6, 2015 122 6.89
Dre's sister, guest starring Raven-Symoné, doesn't feel comfortable telling her parents she's a lesbian and Dre tries to help his own way.
123 123 "Elephant in the Room" Anton Cropper Courtney Lilly May 13, 2015 123 6.14
Andre Jr. meets a girl in the Young Republicans club, which throws the liberal Dre and Bow for a loop. Diane gets jealous when Dre gives Zoey a cool nickname when she gets glasses.
124 124 "Pops' Pops' Pops'" Jonathan Groff Vijal Patel May 20, 2015 124 5.36
Jack and Diane find a scrapbook of Pops when he was a kid and he tells them a story about it from the 1920s.