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Ben Casey is an ABC network medical drama series created by James Moser, starring Vince Edwards in the lead role.

The show aired from October 2, 1961 to March 21, 1966, lasting for five seasons & 153 episodes.


The series centered on Dr. Ben Casey, a young resident neurosurgeon who faces controversial subjects in a metropolitan hospital.


  • Vince Edwards as Dr. Ben Casey
  • Sam Jaffe as Dr. David Zorba (1961–1965)
  • Harry Landers as Dr. Ted Hoffman
  • Bettye Ackerman as Dr. Maggie Graham
  • Nick Dennis as Orderly Nick Kanavaras
  • Jeanne Bates as Nurse Wills
  • Franchot Tone as Dr. Daniel Niles Freeland (1965–1966)


During its early run, "Ben Casey" dominated its time slot. In the 1962–1963 season, it swamped Loretta Young's return to weekly television in her family sitcom The New Loretta Young Show on CBS.

In 1963, the show moved to Wednesdays as the preceding program for ABC's drama about college life, "Channing".

However, due to the combination of CBS' "The Beverly Hillbillies" and "The Dick Van Dyke Show", "Ben Casey" returned to its original Monday-night time slot in the fall of 1964, remaining there until its cancellation in March 1966.

Daytime repeats of the series also aired on ABC's weekday schedule from 1965 through 1967.