Bargain Hunters

Bargain Hunters is an ABC network game show which aired from July 6 to September 4, 1987.

It was hosted by Peter Tomarken and produced by Merrill Heatter Productions & Josephson Communications Inc.


The show featured home shopping segments in which viewers could purchase items featured on the show, a unique feature among daytime game shows.

The premise of the show was that contestants were pitted directly against each other in a series of small games, all of which centered around the contestants assessing which prize from a given selection was marked furthest below its retail price.

Broadcast History

"Bargain Hunters" aired as a summer replacement and it the first daytime game show to air on ABC since it ended its game show block a year earlier.

The show only aired for nine weeks and it was temporarily replaced by reruns of "Mr. Belvedere" before being permanently replaced with "The Home Show" on January 18, 1988.

ABC would not attempt another daytime game show after Bargain Hunters until three years later, when it revived "Match Game."

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