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Angie, the Lieutenant is an ABC Kids crime drama pilot starring Angie Dickinson in the lead role which aired on February 1, 1992, but was not picked up by the network as a series.


The series was supposed to center on Angela “Angie” Martin, a beautiful lieutenant who is the head of an all-male plainsclothes unit of the Los Angeles Police Department and how she attempts to solve crimes & deal with the resentment that she sometimes faces from the male detectives who feel that they can do a better job heading the unit than her.


  • Angie Dickinson as Lieutenant Angela “Angie” Martin
  • Jesse Dabson as Detective Elliott Chase
  • Michael MacRae as Detective Carl Kanick
  • Geoffrey Rivas as Detective Ernesto Mendez
  • Harold Sylvester as Detective Oliver Jackson
  • Nicholas Pryor as Captain Beresford