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Angie is an ABC Kids sitcom created by Garry Marshall & Dale McRaven, starring Donna Pescow in the lead role.

The rest of the cast included Robert Hayes, Doris Roberts, Debralee Scott, Tammy Lauren, Diane Robin, Sharon Spelman and Tim Thomerson.

The show premiered on February 2, 1979 and after two seasons and 36 episodes, Angie was cancelled on September 4, 1980 and one episode was left unaired.


Philadelphia coffee shop waitress Angie Falco (Pescow) starts a romance with customer Bradley Benson (Hays), a pediatrician. While she assumes he is a struggling young doctor, he reveals that he is actually rebelling against his wealthy family, presumably residents in the Main Line region of the city's suburbs.

The other Falco family members are Angie's mother Theresa (Roberts) and her younger sister Marie (Scott).

Angie and Marie's father had walked out on the family many years earlier, but Theresa continued to set a place for him at the dinner table. Brad's relatives consist of his stuffy father Randall (John Randolph), his divorced sister, the overbearing Joyce (Sharon Spelman), and Joyce's daughter Hillary (Tammy Lauren). Angie forms a close bond with Hilary.

Angie and Brad later marry, merging their two very different families: the blue-blooded Bensons and the urban Italian-American Falcos.

The characters of Hilary Benson and Didi Malloy were not continued after the first season. Angie and Theresa later open a beauty parlor together, where they had to contend with a pleasure-seeking hairstylist, Gianni (Tim Thomerson).


  • Donna Pescow as Angie Falco Benson
  • Robert Hays as Brad Benson
  • Debralee Scott as Marie Falco
  • Doris Roberts as Theresa Falco
  • Sharon Spelman as Joyce Benson
  • John Randolph as Randall Benson
  • Diane Robin as Diedre "Didi" Malloy
  • Emory Bass as Phipps
  • Valri Bromfield as Mary Mary
  • Susan Duvall as Mary Grace
  • Nancy Lane as Mary Katherine
  • Tim Thomerson as Gianni
  • Tammy Lauren as Hillary



Angie Season 1 Intro


Angie Season 2 Intro


Angie Series Premiere Promo (1979)