Almost Anything Goes was an ABC network game show and the U.S. version of the British game show, "It's a Knockout!" which aired from July 31, 1975 to May 2, 1976.

When the show first aired, it won the time slot on Thursday nights against reruns of "The Waltons" on CBS and a short-lived Ben Vereen variety show, "Comin' at Ya!" on NBC.

In the first season, there were four regional events (North, East, South, and West); each had teams representing cities with populations of 20,000 or smaller from three different states, and each city had to be within 200 miles of the other two. The four winners then met in a national final.

The second season of "Almost Anything Goes" consisted of 14 episodes, broken up into nine episodes where all three cities were from a particular state, three regional finals (East, South, and West; there was no North regional in the second season) consisting of three state winners, a national final consisting of the three regional winners, and a "Supergames" where the second season winner competed against the first season winner and a team of celebrities representing Hollywood.

For the second season of the show, it moved to Saturday nights after the cancellation of the short-lived "Saturday Night Live with Howard Cosell" variety show.

Sports announcers Charlie Jones and Lynn Shackelford were the play-by-play and color men on this version which featured small towns across America playing the games. Sam Riddle (who was one of the producers) served as field reporter in 1975 along with Dick Whittington, the latter being replaced by Regis Philbin in 1976.

Boulder City, Nevada won the 1975 series and Chambersburg, Pennsylvania won the 1976 series. In a showdown, Boulder City beat Chambersburg and a celebrity all-star team.

However, "Almost Anything Goes" was up against "The Jeffersons" on CBS and "Emergency!" on NBC, and it was shortly cancelled thereafter due to low ratings.