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Aliens in the Family is an ABC network sci-fi\fantasy sitcom series created by Andy Borowitz & Susan Borowitz which aired from March 15 to August 31, 1996, lasting for one season & 8 episodes.

It is produced by Jim Henson Productions & The Stuffed Dog Company.


After single father Doug Brody is abducted by an alien mother named Cookie, the two of them end up getting married and try to live a normal life on Earth as a blended family.


  • John Bedford Lloyd as Doug Brody
  • Margaret Trigg as Cookie Brody
  • Paige Tiffany as Heather Brody
  • Chris Marquette as Adam Brody
  • Julie Dretzin as Sally Hagen


  • Alice Dinnean as Snizzy (face & voice)
  • Michael Gilden as Snizzy (body)
  • John Kennedy as Bobut (face)
  • Bruce Lanoil as Spit (face)
  • Peter Linz as Varch, Elder of the Nertron Galactic Federation (in "Respect Your Elders"), *Red Yukkle (in "Dissected and Neglected")
  • Joey Mazzarino as Spit (voice), Green and Yellow Yukkles (in "Dissected and Neglected")

David Rudman as Bobut (body & voice), Orange and Purple Yukkles (in "Dissected and Neglected")

  • Michelan Sisti as Spit (body)


"Aliens in the Family" premiered on March 15, 1996; ABC pulled the show from its "TGIF" lineup after two weeks, replacing the show's scheduled third airing with re-runs of other "TGIF" programs.

The show didn't return for over four months and aired the rest of its episodes on Saturday mornings in the summer of 1996.

Jaleel White (star of "Family Matters") was a vocal critic of "TGIF" adding Jim Henson shows onto the TGIF block (such as "Aliens in the Family" & "Muppets Tonight") and speculated that their addition ruined the block's credibility by changing its target demographic from whole families to children.