Adventures in Paradise

Adventures in Paradise is an ABC network adventure series created by James Michener.

The show aired from October 5, 1959 to April 1, 1962, lasting for three seasons & 91 episodes.

It was produced by 20th Century-Fox Television, Martin Manulis Productions, Inc. and Marjay Productions, Inc.


The series centered on Adam Troy, the captain of the schooner Tiki III, which sailed the South Pacific looking for passengers and adventure.


  • Gardner McKay as Capt. Adam Troy
  • Weaver Levy as Oliver Lee (Season 1–2)
  • George Tobias as Trader Penrose (Season 1–2)
  • James Holden as Clay Baker (Season 2–3; 62 episodes)
  • Lani Kai as Kelly (Season 2–3)
  • Sondi Sodsai as Sondi (Season 2)
  • Henry Slate as Bulldog Lovey (Season 2)
  • Linda Lawson as Renee (Season 2)
  • Guy Stockwell as Chris Parker (Season 3; 26 episodes)
  • Marcel Hillaire as Inspector Bouchard (Season 3)
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