A New Kind of Family

A New Kind of Family is an ABC network sitcom series created by Bob Illes & James R. Stein.

The show aired from September 16, 1979 to January 5, 1980, lasting for one season & 10 episodes.


The series initially centered on Kit Flanigan, a widowed mother of three kids who shares a home with divorced mother Abby Stone & her daughter, Jill in an effort to save money.

Halfway during the show's first season, it was pulled from the schedule and re-tooled in an effort to boost ratings. The characters of Abby and Jill Stone were written out and replaced with new characters, Jess and Jojo Ashton.

Despite the cast change, the show was cancelled in January of 1980.


  • Eileen Brennan. as Kit Flanagan
  • Rob Lowe as Tony Flanagan
  • Lauri Hendler as Hillary Flanagan
  • David Hollander as Andy Flanagan
  • Gwynne Gilford as Abby Stone (September – October 1979)
  • Connie Ann Hearn as Jill Stone (September – October 1979)
  • Telma Hopkins as Jess Ashton (December 1979 – January 1980)
  • Janet Jackson as Jojo Ashton (December 1979 – January 1980)
  • Chuck McCann as Harold Zimmerman
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