The following is a list of guidelines set up for the ABC Wiki Community.

  1. Any sort of spam or vandalism on the wiki, including badge editing (where you make nonconstructive edits to obtain a badge), will result in a block. This includes spamming message walls with the same messages.
  2. Please do not harass users, cause or engage in any heated discussions/arguments, or use aggressive behavior towards others. No cursing of any sort will be tolerated. Any behavior resulting in a negative experience towards other users will be handled at admins discretion.
  3. Editing wars (Where one user reverts another's edit and vice versa) will result in a 2 week minimum ban. If you see one, or happen to be involved with one, please approach an admin. If an admin has to interfere, all involved users will be banned and the page may be locked.
  4. In an effort to keep all ABC Wiki content original, Plagiarism will not be allowed from any site, including Wikipedia, and may result in a ban if repeated after warnings. You are welcome to rewrite a page and leave a link to the original at the bottom of the page.
  5. Spoilers of any kind are not allowed in any areas on the wiki.

Thank you for taking the time to read these rules, and contact an admin with any questions.

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