The ABC Wiki Manual of Style is here to ensure all of our articles are at the utmost highest standards and written with professionalism. The following are guidelines which should be followed during the creation and editing of articles.



  1. Infobox/Image
  2. Introduction paragraph
  3. Synopsis
  4. Plot
  5. Cast
  6. Trivia


  1. Infobox/Image
  2. Introduction Paragraph
  3. Official Description [1]
  4. Personality & Appearance
  5. Trivia

Episode Articles

  1. Infobox
  2. Introductory sentence
  3. Plot
  4. Synopsis
  5. Cast
  6. Trivia

Cast & Crew Article

This template of style should be used on any article about a real person.

  1. Infobox
  2. Introductory paragraph (should tell nationality, profession, best known roles)
  3. Career (Should highlight all roles, mainly ABC Contributions)
  4. Personal Life (Family, Interest, Views, etc.)
  5. Awards & Honors (If applicable)
  6. Trivia

Location Articles

At this time, we do not accept new articles about locations within a series.

Song Articles

At this time, we do not accept new articles about songs within a series.


Bold is only used once in articles, and that is the first time the title is mentioned. The title should always be the first part of your introductory sentence. (i.e. Example Actors is an american actor and writer, Example is the third episode of season 4 of ex...) Italics are used when you mention the title of another series, (i.e The Goldbergs, The Middle, Modern Family, etc.) do not user them when mentioning episodes, instead use quotes. (i.e. "Thanksgiving Episode", "A Heck of a Ride: Part Two")


Typically gallery's should be found at the bottom of a character or actor page page, however if a galley has more than ten entries, it may be moved to a separate page. For example if the Page in questions was Example Actor the gallery page would be located at Example Actor/Galley. Gallery for TV Show's and Episodes should always be in a separate page regardless of how many images it has. Remember this is a wiki, not a gallery hosting site, therefore gallery's are not our main priority and you must respect the wiki policy.


To maintain Verifiability, we ask that you provide proof of your statements and cite your work. Unverifiable work may be deleted.

Acceptable Sources

  2. Deadline, Variety, etc.
  3. ABC's, it's shows, and their cast & crews, verified social media accounts.

Unacceptable sources

  1. Wikipedia
  2. IMDB
  3. Other Wikis
  4. Spoiler Sites & Accounts

Under no circumstance should you ever copy an article entirely from another wiki or Wikipedia as it may result in a ban.


Spoilers should not be added to articles without explicit permission and instruction from an administrator.

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